sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.


by Scott Rabalais

It was a typical Tuesday and I made a quick stop by the grocery store to pick up a few items. Searching among the bananas for the best bunch in the lot, I picked up on a conversation nearby in the apple section.

“My goodness, is that you, Dolores?”

“Why yes it is! I have not seen you in ages, Betty Sue!”

“I’m in town visiting my daughter. We traveled clear across the country to get here.”

“So did I, and I’m visiting relatives as well.”

“Well, what a coincidence!”

“Yes, imagine the odds of us meeting like this.”

Coincidence can be defined as a chance occurrence of events remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected. Coincidences are often attributed to luck, change, fortune or an event that “just so happened.” The application of the term “coincidence” lends itself to a limited consciousness that suggests randomness and chance in the universe. Coincidence implies there is nothing beyond the scope of the intellect in understanding an apparent happenstance.

The consciousness of coincidence is the same as that which judges events and situations as accidents, disasters, mistakes and failures. Likewise, but on the opposite side of the coin, this consciousness labels more fortuitous occasions as lucky, fortunate or charmed.

For example, if we are involved in a car accident, we might readily judge the wreck as an undesirable incident. Furthermore, few would be inclined to claim responsibility for creating such an inconvenient occurrence. In hindsight we may declare that if we had left five minutes earlier, we would have avoided the collision. We may be inclined to play the victim, particularly if the other driver ran a stoplight or was at fault.

Similarly, if we are a lottery winner, we’re apt to call it lucky or that the gods or angels were looking out after us. We’ll entertain repeatedly questions similar to “What were the chances of that happening?”

The perception of coincidence, chance and happenstance is from a limited consciousness that is unaware of the action “behind the scenes.” There is always much more to the story, not just in terms of the dramatic events of our lives, but with regard to all of creation. What we often see with our conscious mind is, analogously, the two-hour feature film consisting of several actors, whereas from an expanded view we see the creation of the film was through untold of hours of work, practice, creativity and production perhaps by thousands of workers, most of whom never appear on screen.

When we expand our awareness beyond the scope of the thinking mind and into the transcendental realm, we see far more at work than from the limited view of reason and logic. What we see is that no matter the circumstance or situation, we created or assembled it on the soul level. Whether judged as good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate, lucky or unlucky, we are the Michelangelos of our reality. In higher consciousness, there is no blame game, no victims, no accidents or coincidences. Knowing this gives us a sense of ultimate responsibility for our reality; we are the masters of our own ship. No longer do we feel subject to some unknown hands of fate conducting our lives.

Infinite intelligence is a quality inherent within the soul. Every one of us is a divine essence, interconnected with each and every human being on the planet and, for that matter, all of creation. Analogous to computers, the intellect serves only as the display screen for the infinite intelligence of the hard drive (and an infinitely large hard drive at that!). It is only when we tap into the reality of the soul, our authentic being, that we realize we are far more than our “shoebox” thinking.

Just because we are not aware of all that occurs on the transcendental level does not mean the forces of our soul are not at work. We can imagine our soul doing its job “24/7” throughout all of creation, automatically weaving the fabric of our lives without any effort or awareness on our part. When we “raise the curtain” or expand our consciousness, we can begin to perceive what is going on backstage or beyond the limited view.

The breadth of soul intelligence is awe-inspiring. Consider what has been termed “the butterfly effect.” Through a series of interconnected actions and reactions, it is theorized, for instance, that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil may eventually set off a tornado in Texas. Likewise, as we offer kind words to a passerby on the street, we may set off a chain of events that ultimately lead to world peace! Consider as well the virtually infinite number of butterfly effects interacting simultaneously and we can only begin to see the smallest fraction of soul intelligence at work.

Everything is in our field of perception by divine design, and it’s all there to show us who and what we are. Everything that we experience in body, thought and feeling is there for a purpose – to serve as an opportunity for self-awareness. We are the artists of our lives, and what we are effortlessly creating via the soul in each moment is absolutely perfect for us. We will know the truth of this declaration when we move beyond the thinking mind and see the divine tapestry in higher consciousness.

From heightened consciousness, we also perceive there is no luck, chance, mistake or coincidence. Behind the self-imposed “curtain” that limits our perception, we are offered the deeper understanding of the goodness and divinity inherent in all situations. Quite likely, beyond conscious awareness our soul may be working this very moment to create our next surprising encounter in the grocery store!

Copyright © Scott Rabalais – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name, is included with the article.


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