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When You Stand on a Mountaintop

Heavenletter #3104

God said:

You have perhaps been in the pattern of being selfish. It doesn’t matter. Today you can be unselfish. It isn’t really unselfish that you have to be, for the opposite of selfish isn’t really unselfish. The opposite of selfish is generous.

Be generous. Come from a place of strength where it is easy for you to be generous.

When you have been selfish, you have been trying to protect yourself. Perhaps you thought you had to be selfish in order to survive, but now you have survived, and now it is your chance to give with a full heart. That is generosity. Beloveds, when you stand on a mountaintop, what else can you do but help others up?

When you are generous, you do stand on a mountaintop.

Being generous is not taking something away from yourself, you understand. Being generous is knowing that you have that which to give. Being generous is knowing that I give to you. In little human ways, you wish to give back to the One Who Gives All to you. What can make Me more gratified than to see you help your brothers and sisters?

When you are generous, you are beginning to know Oneness. Ultimately, you give to yourself. However your generosity may affect the other representations of yourself, it affects you. It makes your heart swell. Whether you recognize that or not, your givingness saves you a lot of time and energy. It is a quick path you go on.

To learn generosity, you may have to give yourself a nudge every now and then. That is all right. Soon enough you will only live generously in every area of your life. Soon enough, you won’t have to make a choice. You will have made a choice, and there will be no going back. There will be no desire to go back. When you are in Heaven, what could make you want to go somewhere else?

From the wealth of your heart, you raise Earth to Heaven. You give out samples of Heaven. The little blessings you give are tastes of Heaven, where there is only giving. What you give will not even be thought of as giving, for it will be pure giving from a constant and instant impulse from the Heart of God.

You will know there is no need to withhold. You will know that withholding brings no joy.

This is not based on the saying that it is better to give than to receive. Even that thought is a thought of gaining. In generosity of heart, this is not a consideration. Giving is like breathing. There is no choice to make. Of course, you want to breathe. Of course, you want to give.

When you come down to it, beloveds, what else is there to do in this short span of life on Earth but to give? There is nothing to gain, nothing worth gaining. Or We can say that the only gain is in sharing, for giving is no more than sharing.

As you stand on the mountaintop of life, there is nothing else to do. You give a hand up to everyone. You don’t talk about it. You don’t add your name to any list. You simply help everyone everywhere. This is your position in life. No one has to know you are helping them reach the mountaintop. You don’t have to know. All you know is that you are made for love, and that you love generously. It takes nothing away from you to give, for you yourself are the gift. Beloved, I gave you as a gift to the world. I gave every heart that beats to the world so that all hearts may expand and the world become wonderful because you are in it.

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2 responses

  1. It does do wonders for our own sense of wellbeing to give to other lest fortunate than ourselves,,, Have a wonderful day my friend and thanks for your suggestions…..

    August 3, 2011 at 4:06 am

    • Greetings Lady Jude, I couldn’t agree more. Enjoy every day!

      August 3, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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