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Receive and Be Supported

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

In your many lifetimes as Lightworkers, healers and teachers you have been the light for the world in the chaos of darkness and fear. You were willing to put aside your needs to focus on the healing and teaching that were necessary to bring the light of understanding and knowledge of peace and love to humanity. Giving has become your way of being, it is what you have learned to do and the path you have followed to accomplish your work. Now you can be supported and receive, a new way of being for you, one that will bring you the peace, joy and love that you seek.

Learning to receive, to be supported and sustained in all of your relationships is a new paradigm for you. It is one that you are unfamiliar with because you are the ones who give, who support others and who put aside your needs to help those in need. You are so accustomed to being the healing light, the source of strength and the link to Source that you are uncomfortable in asking that your needs receive equal consideration, that you replace your obligation to others with an obligation to your own joy and be open to receiving and to being supported in the same way you have done for others.

Many of you are in places where you hold the light for the earth and you are being moved into other areas, where you can be supported and live in joy. When you are willing to receive you will be placed in situations that are giving, supportive and nurturing. The time for your suffering as an expression of the martyred Christ Consciousness has come to an end. Can you be willing to receive the blessings that you help create and sustain for others? This experience does exist for you and its time has come. Lightworkers everywhere are being asked to receive, to learn to be the highest expression of their divinity by being willing to receive their blessings.

You have done your work well, now it is time for you to set aside your burdens, to allow those you have worked with to use what they have learned. As long as you are there to sustain, heal and assist them they cannot user their power to find their own light. You have done the healing work with the earth and your soul groups, you have healed karma and been willing to forgive to end your karmic cycles. You have been burdened with the transformation of energies and healing and are ready to step into your new paradigm of being receivers, not givers. Be open to receiving, to being supported, sustained and guided towards your joy. This is your reward in the new paradigm of the ascension and how you will show others the path of joy and love, by receiving them.

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2 responses

  1. having been I think a giver all of my life its nice to read here that those who are healers can now expect a shift to take place as we recieve some these wonderful energies which are entering our earth at this time… although I know we have but to ask… I so love reading the many articles you publish here… Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week xox

    August 3, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    • Greetings Sue, I enjoy your wonderful comments each visit. Thanks for your friendship.

      August 3, 2011 at 9:48 pm

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