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Remembering Your Source

by Ada Porat

One of the challenges of the spiritual life is to remember our Source at all times: during good times, but especially during those times when we feel most undeserving, unworthy and blocked.

When circumstances threaten to overwhelm us, our eyes can move off the goal and onto those frightful circumstances… and all of a sudden, we may feel very small, alone and separate.

In that space of feeling insignificant, we tend to retreat from others, and we step out of the flow of life. We shut out the flow of love and blessing, filled with emotions of dread instead.

But there’s more to life than the ups and downs of your changing emotions!

You see, when we allow our emotions to lead the way, we set ourselves up for a rollercoaster ride.  Our emotions change with the weather (or sometimes because of it)!

The truth is that you are not your emotions.

You are the consciousness in which emotions surface and subside like small waves on the ocean.  Just as the ocean is not affected by the rise and fall of the waves on its surface, you need not be affected by your emotions… provided that you identify not with your emotions, but with your True nature.

Your True nature is consciousness or Spirit.  It emerged out of the Allness of Divinity to experience and express itself through physicality.

You are not your physicality; instead, physicality is simply the medium through which you choose to express yourself in this life.  You are not your emotions, either; your emotions are the wave forms of expression inherent to the physical experience.

The findings of science and spirituality concur in that we are more than the physical world in which we live.

Quantum physicist David Bohm expressed existence as an interconnected hologram where each particle contains a perfect representation of the whole; the totality of the whole being implicated in the order of its parts.

You and I proceeded from this Implicate Order into individualized or expression, yet we remain connected to each other and to the Whole.

When the circumstances of your individual experience appear overwhelming, try to remember that you are connected to that Whole, the Source where all begins and to which everything ultimately returns.

Remembering your Source restores your awareness of your true nature and power.  It aligns you to the Origin of all life and possibilities.

Looking at life from that place of connection, things look different. Instead of seeing the divide between you and success, health or other people, you can now focus on the common ground connecting you… and in seeing that, reach out in new and different ways.

When your remember your connection to your Source, you can choose new actions and outcomes that more accurately reflect your Higher nature.

This is the inner space where miracles happen!

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