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Can You Cause Others Pain

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

As you move farther along the ascension path you disconnect from energies you have been holding for lifetimes, which are the soul group connections you have been maintaining from the beginning of your incarnation. These energies represent your soul wounds, karma, memories, pain and fear that you have repeated throughout your many lifetimes. As you are ready to release them you are aware of the reactions that others have to your actions and you are afraid for yourselves and for them. You do not want to cause another pain by leaving them to handle these energies alone. But you cannot be responsible for or cause another pain, they connect to the pain they already carry.

Your commitment to others is to their soul growth, the healing and transformation that each of you wants to achieve in a lifetime. The pain that you feel in any experience is possible because you have the memory of that pain within you. When someone betrays you and you feel the pain of betrayal, it is your memory of that pain which this experience has awakened. If you feel abandoned or ignored by someone, you carry this pain within you from a prior lifetime and their actions simply connect to the pain that already exists within your cellular memory and emotional DNA.

Each of you has free will, which allows you to choose those experiences which will contribute to your soul growth. You each have dominion over the energies of your life, including how you experience those energies. So you can choose to experience fear, pain, betrayal, abandonment in any of their aspects and at any vibration. You can also choose to experience love, peace and joy. No one is responsible for another’s emotions and even if an action appears to be deliberate, it is a karmic cycle that is repeating. How you respond to it is your choice.

It is time for the most dense energies of the third dimension to be transmuted into their higher vibrating aspects and among these is every aspect of fear, which is expressed in its simplest form as being disconnected from Source. Each of you must choose the path you wish to follow in your ascension and your fear that you will cause another pain is simply your fear that you will not complete your soul contract work with them and will have to return. Follow your path and express the highest vibration of your energies with each thought, word and action. Then you are completing your healing and allowing others to complete theirs as well. The journey of heaven on earth is one where you take responsibility for yourself, for your own ascension journey and recognize the sovereignty of each person to do the same.

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