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Morning Blessing 07 22 11

Dear Beloved One,

“Although it is clear that man’s knowledge is very limited, in the depths of his consciousness, unbeknownst to him, he is the repository of all knowledge in the universe. This knowledge is buried very deep within him and remains there, inert, because the conditions in which it can appear and express Itself have not yet been provided. You may say: ‘But how did this come to be?’ Oh, it’s a very long story. Since he left the womb of the Eternal to descend into matter, the human being has traveled the width and breadth of time and space. Often for him this has only amounted to some adventures and dramatic episodes, over the course of which he has experimented and gained new knowledge, but he has also lost a great deal of the light and knowledge he originally possessed. To be more precise, this original knowledge has gradually been covered over by an accumulation of opaque layers. In order to regain possession of this knowledge, certain conditions are required, and only an initiatic teaching will enable him to find them.”— Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


All that I rest my eyes upon is God being Itself. It is the grace of

my own existence, which is the essence of God on Earth, that drives

all creation. Every substance, frequency, and quanta on Earth have

freely chosen this God-Realization Camp to help balance something

that will eventually lead to all embodying a spiritual quotient far

higher and better.


Today I can know that this group is claiming masterhood as we each

consciously remember “it’s all the energy of God” and living this truth

is the most natural thing we do. For so long humanity has lived and

worked in a place where it couldn’t know the truth because it would

have spoiled the fairness of the test. Each one in the family has been

diligent ~ following their divinity compass and now all pieces of God

are seeing their own light in the mirror. Duality has left this realm. No

more us and God. The scrolls of history have recorded a shift in

consciousness. Divinity is now a self-aware attribute that is evident in

this place we live. And it reveals itself as peace, love, and compassion.

The power of this consciousness imbues each with a true understanding

of how precious life is for all.


I am grateful to have been a valuable character in this story of divinity.

We moved thru duality with honor, logic, and divine purpose. I look

forward to the last night of this summer camp session when we dance

and party celebrating humanity living the realization that God is inside

all of us. And so it is.



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