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Morning Blessing 07 15 11

Dear Beloved One,

As a soul, all the attributes of God are within you.

At the innermost level of your being you know this.


Your intuitive awareness of  your true nature, along

with your innate urge to have your awareness fully


restored to its original clarity is what compels you to desire to be

fully awake to the Truth of who and what you are in relationship


to the Infinite.


Soul liberation is freedom without limitations! 

You are spiritually liberated when you are fully awake,

mindful and knowledgeable,



aware of illusions, and not influenced by external conditions that can



adversely influence your thoughts

and stream of consciousness.


My advice to getting there — Always perform the necessary right


actions that will enable you to cooperate with the Power that nurtures and sustains the Universe.



And always be thankful.

Reverend Angela


I realize these are the days of Great Oneness due to the influx of awakening energy that is pouring forth and bathing the Earth. Every facet of life is being attuned to the Truth within the Mind of God. This golden flame of Eternal Truth balances and processes through the inseparable aspects of God living as me and everyone else at the same time.

The immortal souls of the Universe now join the company of Heaven to bring latent energies of Peace and Abundance to this Divine Conduit of consciousness called Earth. From this moment forth, I dedicate my thoughts, words, actions and feelings to empowering and cocreating the patterns of Divine Perfection right here in my world. I begin with me. I endeavor to be empowered with the activity of this One Light thousandfold!

This is my blessing! I stay open and receptive to the impulses flowing forth from the Heart and Mind of God. The hour has at last arrived and that One pulsation within my heart is now given full liberty and freedom of expression now. My liberated God-Self rejoices in this treatment and will now give me every possible assistance in manifesting its pattern of perfection. Every mind on the planet is now enlightened with this Divine Truth. And so it is.



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