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by Scott Rabalais

Question: I want to grow spiritually, but I am not sure how. How do I become more spiritual?

When we are in the midst of separation consciousness, it is common for us to believe that doing is the answer to any issue. Since birth, most of us have been taught that to do is to progress, and, to some degree, that’s true. But when it comes to spirituality, doing is not necessarily the answer.

Basically, action is a manifestation of the mind-body complex. When we do, we typically engage both mind and body in the accomplishment of a task. Our cultural indoctrination, which promotes the values of status and achievement, enforces the idea of doing to reach a goal, or, in an economic sense, make money. Status, achievement, goal attainment and making money are all fine and dandy, but they do not necessarily lead to spiritual growth or self-realization.

The physical realm is synonymous with doing, while the mental realm is where we experience thinking and feeling. Thinking, by the way, can be seen as a form of doing, though perhaps not quite so apparent as physical action. It is in the spiritual realm that we encounter the state of being. While doing and thinking engage the body and the mind, being engages neither. Instead, being is simple awareness, requiring no special effort or complex thought process. It’s the elephant in the room, so glaringly the essence of who we are that we miss it for the sake of doing and thinking.

Consider being given a directive to BE AWARE. What would you do? Well, nothing! Awareness requires no action, only attention. It requires consciousness, the willingness to see. For centuries, the mystics have professed the importance of stillness and silence to realize the divinity within. The states of stillness and silence have little to do with action and thought. Stillness is the antithesis of action; silence is what remains when our thinking processes cease.

The idea of someone becoming more spiritual is much like water becoming wetter. We are all spiritual, though many of us are not aware of our spiritual nature. Though we may become more conscious of our spiritual essence, this awareness does not change the nature of who and what we are. What changes is what we perceive, or what we allow into our experiential field. Because we might live in a box for years does not mean that there is no existence outside of the box. When we decide to lift the lid and exit the box, our nature does not change, only that of which we are aware.

Becoming implies action, as if working or evolving to reach a particular state of completion. We need only to open our minds and hearts to realize the infinite beings that we are. This is awakening to our spirituality, to our authentic nature. Even the word “spirituality” suggests that something is there, when actually what remains beyond doing and thinking is simply awareness.

So, the doing is non-doing: stopping, looking, listening, feeling and being. It’s following our thoughts and emotions to their source. Its being completely in the moment, whatever our experiences are presenting us. What we perceive both inside and outside ourselves are our creative designs that lead us to our innermost being. The journey within, that which we are all on whether we realize it or not, is a journey of awareness. That spiritual growth desired by so many is a call from within to recognize who and what we are. It is in being still and silent that we will find what we have been seeking.

Copyright © Scott Rabalais – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name, is included with the article.


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