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Morning Blessing 07 14 11

Dear Beloved One,

A few centuries ago when a guest arrived on the doorstep to call upon an individual they would be asked to wait in one of three places while they were announced. At times the person would be asked to wait on the doorstep, outside the residence, though this was considered to be most disrespectful. Depending upon who the person was and their social status determined whether they were left upon the doorstep, allowed into the foyer, or granted the comfort of a cozy chair by a fire in the “front room”. 

After they were announced the resident called upon would either agree to receive the guest, therefore meeting them where he or she was most comfortable or the guest would be asked to leave. The nature of the relationship to the caller determined how deeply into the home they would be invited. As relationships progressed visitors would be granted access to other rooms in the home. Acquaintances often visited with each other on the by and by for years never moving beyond the cozy comfortable front room that was always prepared for guests.  Kept straight, neat, up to date, very comfortably decorated, and always nicely furnished.  Front rooms were always kept for clean, neat, and respectful first impressions.  The more intimate the relationship the more rooms one got to see, though few saw all the rooms in the home. 

Callers would gradually be granted deeper access to the home depending upon the nature and duration of the relationship. Full access was granted depending on how the invited conducted themselves . . . the nature of the relationships and how committed both parties were to sharing their truths with the other. Needless to say few given full exposure to all the rooms. 

A great compliment to be given back in those days was how deeply into the family home someone was invited (how well one was received).  

The gift truly is in the reception.  “Reception” is an amazing word. To learn to offer naught but what you have which is all that you are on any given day, and lovingly accept/receive your life and all in it.  NOT easy but so worth it.  When love steps in I grow more interested in exploring rooms and growing with friends/family than I am in keeping in the foyer of my home/soul.  We all have rooms that are cluttered and dusty, some dark and cavernous, and others just plain empty, and it’s all good. 

If you are judged, know it is by someone afraid of their own dusty rooms and darkened halls.  Remember to have compassion and patience and to throw stones into the woods where they belong rather than violate someone else’s glass house. Reception. We were not put here to be islands. And are never ever alone. EVER.  All any of us have to do is have faith in the general goodness of people.  The truth is people are generally good when given the chance to be. First thing about that is you have to accept that of yourself.  No matter how fallible you are and will prove yourself to be you are truly a good person who may or may not have done things that went against what even you thought was best, decent, and good.  All that proves is that you like everyone else is perfectly human.   So amazingly sacred.  To be received whole-ly in spite of our shadow.

Amazing. I have found until we openly and lovingly receive all of ourselves we can not truly be invited beyond the doorstep of another because no matter what someone else offers us . . . no matter how deep they may want to invite us… we will not receive nor appreciate the gift offered us in the invitation.  We will ever seek out the cobwebs, cracks, and water stains of their imperfect dwelling places. What greater gift can be given another than to receive one exactly as one is?  Odd that love inspires us to give as much of ourselves as we can, to stretch, to reach into the darkness of our soul to find the very shadows taunting our ability/desire to give wholely of the love within. 

Shadow thrives on teasing, masking our infirmities with some hallow perception of another’s inadequacy, shadow feeding shadow … ego fault finding … manipulating… blaming … pointing out the cracks in someone else’s foundation … as the fullness of love within is starved by the recklessness with which we discard yet another opportunity to grow closer to our Soul’s true purpose.

Why waste a perfectly good opportunity to experience JOY by living in fear? 


The infinite power that created me out of itself is always with me.

It’s right here, in this moment. I am so grateful for everything that

my life contains, for all the blessings that are present in every form.

I give thanks for the material substance that so generously and eternally

flows to me. I give thanks for the health of my body – its strength and

vitality, its beauty and flexibility. I marvel at the intelligence within it. I

praise and bless my faculties of perception – for revealing the beauty that

is in this world.


Most of all, I praise and bless the people in my life. I extend compassion and

kindness to all who show up at my doorstep.  Every relationship is a relationship

with the Divine, and I know it. I regard every person in my life – whether part of

my immediate family, one of my circle of friends or acquaintances, or one I don’t

know well – as a divine gift to be savored and celebrated.


Thank god for this wonderful life! I praise it with every breath. And so it is.



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