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Morning Blessing 07 12 11

Oldest Angel by James Christensen

Dear Beloved One,

“Even if you sit in a body that is not healthy or in a body that is

not the size, shape, or vitality, that you choose; in a lifestyle that

does not please you; driving an automobile that embarrasses you;

interacting with others that do not bring you pleasure-

we want to assist you in understanding that while that may seem

to be your state of Being, it need not be.


Your state of Being is the way you feel about yourself in any point in time.


Your words will not bring you immediate manifestations of what you

are asking for, but the more often you say them, and the better you

feel while you are saying them, the purer or less contradicted your

vibration will be. And soon your world will be filled with these things

you have spoken about… Words alone do not attract, but when you

feel emotion when you speak, that means your vibration is strong-

and the Law (of attraction) must answer those vibrations.”

the Wise elders of the Universe



The pure Presence of Life has taken form as all creation! The nature of all
things is sacred and whole, and this includes me. My nature is sacred and whole, both in the abstract and in form. I recognize this day that my body is a perfect reflection of the wholeness of life, and that I live within a form of Spirit that is so incredibly intelligent, that it knows how to rebuild itself every day.

My body is inherently intelligent, and it knows how to resource all it needs. I talk to my body, instilling wisdom into actions that support its health, its strength, and its beauty. The wisdom of Spirit takes up& all my choices and I immediately see progress in activities and behaviors that support my body’s wholeness. I discover all negative conditioning or decline is halted.

I hold the attitude that whatever brings more life, more vibrant health, and more joy into expression in my body is good, and desirable! I give thanks for this natural inner tendency towards supporting my natural wholeness.

I also know that anything that is out of balance in my body is being completely resolved and healed right now. I declare my nature as balance, grace, health, and strength. I listen intently to what my body is telling my about what I need in terms of food, activity, and rest, and joyfully follow this inner wisdom. these kinds of choices naturally reveal my whole and pure nature. For this I give thanks. And so it is.



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  1. Enjoyed reading your morning blessings…

    July 13, 2011 at 1:30 am

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