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Peace Now, God Says

Heavenletter #3119

God said:

I wish you peace. Where does peace lie? It lies in your heart. It is within your heart that peace is found. It is from within your heart that peace is issued. Yes, peace emanates from your heart. World peace emanates from your heart. Everyone is responsible for peace. You are the maker of peace or the withdrawer of it. Engage peace. You will like it.

Peace is not excitement, beloveds. Peace is a calm, yet peace is much more than a truce.
Excitement may be exciting, yet it exacts a price. Excitement is like a sword that prods you.
This is not to say that peace is dull. No, peace is enlivening. Peace is a canvas upon which the world is drawn.
You are intended to be an instrument of peace.
In the world, love has its excitement, but love itself, without all the stories around it, is a steady strong force for calm. In Heaven, there are no two extremes of love. There is simply love in all its wholeness. Wholeness is peace, beloveds. Yes, if you would like a synonym for peace, take wholeness. You do want wholeness, don’t you?

There is no need for war AND peace. Peace will do very well. It can stand on its own. Welcome peace. Peace has no opposite, beloveds. And peace has no equal.
Peace would not be your mission except the world has wandered from peace. Peace is the natural state. War is not. Friction is not. Two sticks rubbed together can make a fire. When there is Oneness, there are not two sticks. In Oneness, no fire can be made. Be in Oneness, beloveds. Be in peace. Peace be with you.
I suppose your two hands could fight with each other, and one hand would be victorious. What would be gained by such a fight? And what would be lost? Where you had two good hands, now you would have one wounded.
That is what strife is, beloveds, be it personal or worldwide. Two hands fight each other. Brother fights brother. Country fights itself under the name of another country. Oh, the folly committed. Oh, the folly committed often in the name of peace. Can this really be? Can it really be that My children fight each other?

My children cannot be fighting for My love, for you know by now that My love is for each and every one. All are My favorites, and all are filled with My love. There can be no sibling rivalry here, and, yet, peace does not always reign.
Let Us declare peace. Let Us wave the flag of peace in Our hearts right now.
What would a flag of peace look like? What would peace all over the world feel like? What a holiday that would be!
With the world at peace, everyone would be twenty years younger. There would no longer be aches and pains. There would no longer be illness or accident. There would be the equanimity of peace over hill and dale.
There would no longer be fighting. What would there be to fight about? Hearts would be free to travel as they wished, and they would travel in peace. At home or away, peace would reign. Hearts of peace would reign. How the flowers would grow and trees bear fruit. Deserts would become oases, and mountains would be easy to climb. Peace would cover the land, and there would be war no more in the heart of any man or woman. The time for this is now. Now, I say.

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