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The Infinite Human: What We Are

by Scott Rabalais

Imagine infinity.

The logical mind, characterized by boundaries and limitations, struggles to comprehend the vastness of infinity. But for the sake of a story, visualize the vastest expanse of space, extending endlessly for billions and billions of miles, as far as you can fathom. Let’s call this all-in-all existence “the cosmos.” It is everything that ever was, is and will be. It reaches across all space and time, and then some.

Imagine we are able to step away from the cosmos and see the big picture of how life (as we know it) came to be. Suppose that infinite existence is light, which may also be understood as energy. This light is awareness itself and in its awareness and infinite intelligence, it wishes to experience more of itself, adding to its rich sense of discovery. Simply put, it wants to know what it is, in all its forms and dimensions and possibilities.

This light shines and dances and swims throughout the cosmos and in so doing becomes a myriad of shapes and sizes. In terms of energy, the light morphs into a tremendous variety of frequencies. In so doing, it experiences more of who and what it is. It’s playtime on the playground of the cosmos.

The light is one light, capable of coagulating through its energy qualities into multiple universes. Each universe carries forth and contains the qualities of the light, still connected to the source light, yet establishing itself as an aspect of the light.

In frequency variation, galaxies develop within these universes. Just as the universe has carried forth qualities of the cosmos, so do the galaxies carry forth the qualities of the universe. There are many galaxies that make up each universe and many galactic frequencies comprise the universal frequencies.

Furthermore, other frequencies appear as solar systems, smaller components of the galaxies. These systems are composed of a central star and surrounding bodies that adhere to this star. Many solar systems are contained within a galaxy, and the solar systems, as all other levels, are made of the original light of the cosmos.

Within the solar system that we inhabit, there exists one planet, among others, commonly called Earth. The planet is a light entity itself, a component of the resident solar system, galaxy, universe and cosmos. The planet Earth, composed of the light and energy of the cosmos, serves as a haven for a variety of energy frequencies. Among these energy “beings” are elements, water, mountains, fish, animals, trees and, interestingly enough, human beings. All of the inhabitants of the planet are aspects of the light, interconnected with the totality of existence.

The human beings are of the light, the original force of the cosmos, the universes, the galaxies, the solar systems and the planet – and all that resides there. In the sea of existence, the human being is a light that simply chooses to inhabit the planet to capture experiences for its own cosmological self. On an energy level, the only difference between a human and a firefly, rock, raindrop or star is the frequency with which it exists as light in the cosmos.

Human beings, as well as any other frequency of light, can be seen as both individual beings of light and as the totality of the light. These apparently contradictory qualities show the paradoxical nature of the transcendent reality.

Thus, as the cosmos morphs into universal form, the universes remain of the cosmos and the cosmos remains as the universes. The light does not actually separate into components; the energy grows no borders. It stays as one source, a single pool of light, an all-in-one existence.

This unification of energy occurs at other “levels” of frequency variation. The cosmos remains one unit, though there are various measures of vibration contained within. From the tiniest parcel of existence on the planet to the grandness of the cosmos, every piece contains the whole and the whole contains every piece.

As the cosmos is self-aware and infinitely intelligent, so, too, is each aspect of the cosmos, including the human being. Each galaxy is a “separate” being, though it is in unity with all light. Each planet is its own unique frequency, though, paradoxically, it exists as part of the cosmos. As the cosmos is infinite, so is the human, as it carries with it all the qualities of the cosmos and everything in between.

Human beings are no less significant than any other aspect of the cosmos. In truth, where all existence is of the one light, there is nothing that is more or less significant than any other. It is all one great ocean of existence, all of infinite value.

So with humans living as the light of the cosmos, and, actually, in existence as the cosmos itself, why do we human beings often forget our true nature and who we are at our core? Well, we’ve done it on purpose, and all for the sake of self-awareness.

Most of us who came to Earth arrived with a veil of forgetfulness securely in place. The function of this veil is to allow us to focus on the experience at hand, to take in life through the five-sense vehicle we called our body-brain. We become enamored with this experience, not surprisingly, as it is truly an amazing and captivating world. We dance and play, learn and discover, eat and drink and have a jolly good time!

We enjoy it so much and become so immersed in it that we forget that we are beings of light and of the original source. Instead, we focus almost entirely on the five-sense impressions and the workings of the body-brain – without the “big picture” in mind. We lose the awareness of our wholeness and of who we are in completeness.

In ignorance mode, we battle for survival, move out of our natural existence to one that subscribes to cultural indoctrinations and, frankly, wonder what the heck life is all about. We become lost, resigned to seeing the “small picture” and leaving the rest to mystery.

And yet, the tides are turning. More and more humans desire to return to their roots and to see themselves as they are – light and energy. They have experienced the limited body-mind reality and consequently long for more. Many humans are now seeing what they are beyond the body and mind – their authentic selves. This is the awakening of the human family.

We have enjoyed the five-sense reality and have fed the all-in-all awareness with a near infinite menu of experiences. But there is so much more. We can live in a five-sense world, and yet become aware of our true nature. We can lift the veil of forgetfulness. We can bring the light of our beings into the light of the planet. We can live as one, not just as caring communities, but one in the fabric of our essence, the light and energy that we are.

When we come into contact with our deepest nature, we see that we are love, light, freedom, unity, harmony and just about every other magnificent description that we can imagine. We are perfection incarnate. We are complete, whole and lack for nothing. We are wondrous beings not only made in the image and likeness of the cosmos; we are the infinite cosmos itself. And as we become aware of our infinite “self-identity,” we, too, naturally share that perfect and expansive being through creative expression. All that we are and all that we do is of the highest magnitude. We are unlimited beings of light!

Copyright © Scott Rabalais – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name, is included with the article.


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