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Morning Blessing 07 08 11

Dear Beloved One,


You do know, of course, why you’re here – don’t you?

Because you couldn’t resist the challenge.

Nothing in all creation, not in any sphere of the Universe,

compares to being born into time and space

without any recollection of your past;

having to find your own way when lost,

your own courage when frightened,

and the infinite powers at your disposal when challenged;

left to the elements to rediscover your supremacy over them;

driven by your passions so that you might rise

above your humble, naked beginnings,

and ultimately see through the illusions that had trapped you.

To find yourself, once again, high upon the throne

of thy Kingdom come from whence it all began.

Either that, or you were dared.

Notes From The Universe 


The light of day opens me to join the livingness of the One Life. Within, and part of, this one I joyously display the beauty of Infinite Intelligence as ME. The radiance of Spirit’s presence surrounds and infuses every intention, thought, and action that I express today.

As a valued and most unique point of self-aware consciousness in God’s kingdom I accept the responsibility of creatorship. I allow the brilliance of Spirit’s radiance to explode into my world under my directorship. All circumstances and experiences that are tainted with jealousy, malice, chaos,
worry, doubt and fear are healed as I consciously direct my attention and energy to a higher perspective. As a steward of God’s love and Spirit’s light I fill my mind with the confidence of harmony, cooperation, support, clarity, guidance, possibilities and forward movement. All that I desire to be and show-up-as in the world generates from the force of this internal confidence. By consciously connecting with heaven’s holy stream of wisdom I determine the fate of this day. Nothing outside of me has the power to execute my destiny unless I say so because I am now firmly seated in Soul and shine Divinity’s glory as all I think, speak, and do.

I give thanks for the sudden and profound realization that throughout my entire life all things have been, indeed, possible, and that such a concept wasn’t just wishful, part-time, feel-good thinking. I am proud of all that I am and all that I have created up to this point in my life! Thank you God, and so it is.



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