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Morning Blessing 07 07 11

“As we must plant a seed before we can reap a harvest, so we must believe before our prayers can be answered.”
Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind


Dear Beloved One,

There is a phenomenon that is causing awakening Humanity to feel frustrated and powerless over the challenges surfacing to be healed in all of our lives at this time. When we awaken and begin to understand the power of our creative faculties of thought and feeling, we attempt to control our behavior patterns in order to improve our lives. We put forth the effort to think positively, and we strive to focus our attention on what we want to manifest in our lives instead of empowering our fears and what we do not want to create. Daily we envision the lives we would love to live, and we work to empower our visions with positive thoughts and affirmations.

But often, after what seems like a valiant effort, we continue to experience many of our old problems. This causes us to become discouraged and to lose trust in our ability to change our lives. At this point, we feel like our efforts are futile, and we usually give up on trying to improve our situations. We let go of our visions and regress back into our old, negative thinking patterns. We dwell on our fears, problems and challenges instead of empowering our goals, hopes and dreams. As a result of that relapse, things get worse, and our situations appear even more hopeless. If we understand the Universal Law governing that particular phenomenon, it will give us the courage to persevere even in the illusion of apparent failure.

Everything is comprised of energy, vibration and consciousness. When we explore a portion of the vast science of quantum physics, we learn that when something reaches critical mass, there is an unstoppable shift  that takes place. For instance, when an electron is increasing in vibration, the moment it reaches critical mass, the entire electron is pulled up into the higher frequency, and nothing can stop it.

Critical mass is 51 percent. When 51 percent of an electron is vibrating at a higher frequency, the remaining 49 percent is instantly absorbed into the new vibration. So, how does this facet of quantum physics affect our ability to take charge of our own lives?

As we strive to improve our lives, the same laws of quantum physics apply. When empowering a vision or thought form, the moment 51 percent of our energy, vibration and consciousness is in alignment with our vision, it reaches critical mass, and nothing can stop it from manifesting. The problem is that we never know just when we are going to reach that magical moment of critical mass. There are often no outer-world signs, and it may even look as if we are very far away from that instant of transformation. That is when we usually feel our efforts are failing, and we give up. Sometimes we may be just a breath away from reaching critical mass, but  we don’t realize that, so we get discouraged and stop working to reach our goals. Then we end up never manifesting our visions.

In very practical terms, critical mass means that when we are striving to create prosperity in our lives, the moment our thoughts, words, actions and feelings are vibrating with 51 percent prosperity consciousness instead of poverty consciousness, our life circumstances will shift, and we will begin to experience prosperity. The moment 51 percent of our energy is aligned with self-esteem and love, we will magnetize positive relationships into our lives. The moment 51 percent of our energy is aligned with peace, harmony and balance, we will manifest those Divine Qualities tangibly in our life experiences.

The key to our success is that we must keep on keeping on, even in the face of adversity. It is vital for us to understand that the Light of God is infinitely more powerful than any fragmented human miscreations we may have inadvertently created. Poverty has no power over the limitless Abundance of God. Our Divine Potential is infinitely more powerful than disease, failure, dysfunctional relationships, hatred, greed, corruption, war or any of the other humanly-created maladies appearing on the screen of life.

As long as we choose the Light and consecrate our energy to empower only the positive experiences we want to create in our lives and not the negative experiences we don’t want, we will manifest our visions and dreams faster than we can possibly imagine. This information is being given to us by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth during this critical moment on Earth to help us remember that if we don’t like what is happening in our lives, we have the option to do something about it. This is true for each of us individually, and it is true for all of us collectively as a global family.

It is important that we put things back into perspective and accept responsibility for turning our lives around. When we deliberately focus on cocreating our highest Divine Potential, our efforts are empowered by the unfathomable Light of our God Selves and the entire Company of Heaven. When we reach critical mass, our success is assured.

We don’t have to believe in the various Universal Laws in order to exist on Earth, but since we are ALL subject to them, it is just common sense for us to try and accept them. We do not have to believe in the Law of Gravity, but if we jump off of a roof we are going to fall to the ground. We do not have to believe that every single thought, word, action and feeling we have will go out and affect the world and then return to us to affect our personal lives, but this is happening scientifically, to the letter, in spite of any disbelief we may have.

It does not matter whether we believe in reincarnation or whether we understand that we have an accumulation of experiences from other time frames and dimensions that are influencing our present lives; it is happening anyway. If we stop resisting this Truth and just accept it as a possibility, it will certainly be to our advantage. Even if we just say to ourselves, “What if it is true? What if I really can turn things around in my life by accepting the Law of the Circle and working with that principle instead of fighting against it”?

If we will each just experiment with this Universal Law and daily empower only the thoughts, words, actions and feelings we want to manifest in our lives, we will experience a positive shift immediately. When we are willing to take this first step and genuinely put forth the effort to correct our behavior, the floodgates of Heaven open to assist us in accomplishing our goals. Then if we just keep on keeping on until we reach critical mass, we will experience an unstoppable shift and our lives will be transformed.


Life is good…and keeps on getting better. This is true because the nature of Life is to always expand in every way that’s life-supporting and love-engendering. Life’s perfect design is to grow and evolve into more and more fulfilling versions of itself, and this is true of me. I give thanks for the continual cycles of change and growth that happen in my life, even if they aren’t always comfortable. I know that they’re part of the great dance of creation, part of life’s loving itself into greater expression.

I welcome change in my life, because I know it means a shift in my perception. It means that greater love is available for me to give and receive…because I perceive it. It means that more abundant living is mine, because I believe it. And it means that greater creativity, more joy, and more fulfillment for me and everyone my life touches…this leaves no one out.

I trust this universe, and I give thanks for its continual evolution in me and in all people. I give thanks for my willingness to stand up for what I believe in, and my willingness to put it into practice. I am a blessing, and I bless it all. And so it is.

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2 responses

  1. Great post! I really related to this in light of current circumstances and recent events. I liked the ref to quantum physics and critical mass. Illustrated the point very well and made good sense. Thanks!

    July 7, 2011 at 11:50 am

    • Greetings Wolfie, We must keep on, keeping on! Enjoy every day.

      July 8, 2011 at 10:41 pm

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