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Morning Blessing 07 04 11

Carried by Momentum

“Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”– Doris Lessing

Dear Beloved One,

Greetings and blessings to my spiritual family, it is always such a great pleasure to create this opportunity to share ideas and energy with you and your world. As the sun reaches its position of prominence in the Northern Hemisphere and we fly toward the galactic center (the origin of our solar system’s beginning patterns) whirling ourselves through light, photon energy, and some of the most potent antimatter there is in existence many are either finding themselves feeling magnificent or feeling unwell. With the planetary consciousness changes well underway the circumstances of our outer world must now demonstrate the drive, desire, impulse and energy of the Soul! If you are living awakened to this New nature then you are most likely the ones feeling magnificent. Those not feeling so joyous and uplifted are simply facing the magnificence of your spiritual being but not in vibration with the “you” of your highest functioning.

It is not a difficult task to become illumined with your highest functioning – you simply must let go of your hands hold and let yourself be carried by the momentum of the current and coming times. Open your heart. Breathe. Relax. Letting go is the first step toward having that which is the trust, the faith, that all things are divine and that all divine is in your best interest.

The Earth mother and the surrounding cosmic energies, such as gamma rays from the sun are serving as carriers of high-frequency information that is being received and integrated into your body on sub-atomic and cellular levels each and every moment. Imagine your seven body chakras as beautiful stained glass windows with cosmic energy passing through and illuminating each one with brilliant colorful codes of higher teachings and consciousness. As this occurs all you need do is consciously allow the shift to happen. In that comes the greater participation of your magnificent Self.

Once given permission to awaken to your own Divine nature, in spite of the human one present, your spiritual essence begins to unfurl the Soul’s Presence fully and completely in this life. Truth and wisdom begin to settle on everything that complicates your life. Love voids all emotional reactions. Sensibility and stewardship elevate you to living purposefully. You become mentally quiet, yet completely aware. You allow nothing but organic conclusions to every experience rather than a contrived, personally involved one. You begin to see the brighter aspects of your journey and lose resistance towards anything. You understand that possibility lives in every situation and that if you will but stand in the energies of Light the stamina of your Soul will strengthen and the pureness of All That Is will propel you into the harmony of Higher Purpose that is happening upon planet Earth at this time.

We just passed through a powerful June solar gateway and get this upcoming week to be a living-breathing repository of integration for a world that is gently sitting on a new doorway of Being. Take this opportune time to make a gesture of honor and gratitude to the sacred One and state your greatest intention to the Universe. To the best of your ability, communicate what it is that you want to accomplish at this time in your life and then let the knowingness of the Universe bring it to your door. You now have the freedom to be a new Self in some capacity. Who do you want to be?

Additionally, rest up my friends and become the belief factor of what all are seeking. Spend some time this week deepening your pleasure for life. Love and care for yourself as no other would do! Be free flowing as each day shows itself to you and be well with your soul.

This is a week to be as Siddhartha wandering the rosy paths of the fig garden – sit in contemplation in the bluish shade of the grove, washing your limbs in a daily bath of atonement, offering prayers in the depths of the shady mango wood with complete grace of manner, profound to the God on earth as you.

Many, many, many blessings –


This is a Universe of Infinite Intelligence, and it always knows what to do and how to do it. As part of this infinite creation, all that I AM is completely and totally connected to the One Power. Because I am dealing with intelligence, I deal with it intelligently. It is the Source of all knowledge, the source of all wisdom, and the ultimate logistic planner!


Because this is the case, I let God do its job, and focus on mine. My clear intention is to use my power of creation…of vision…to expand my acceptance of what is possible. I become very clear on precisely what I want my life experience to be like, and I accept it in advance. Spirit goes to work on this attitude of acceptance and gratitude, and makes it so for me. This isn’t a special ability of any kind; it really doesn’t take training. All it takes is clarity and understanding, and the consistent choice to believe in my vision more than I believe in what seems to contradict it. This isn’t magic; it’s the way the Universe works.


Because it’s a Universe of Intelligence, I don’t have to specify every detail; Spirit knows what I want already, and knows how to get it. I simply clear and get ready, and I give thanks for Spirit’s ability to unfold my life in ways better than I can even imagine! And so it is.



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