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Your Answer Has Arrived

by Ada Porat

Have you ever received guidance from someone else about what is going to happen in your life and then it didn’t pan out? Perhaps you were guided to write a book or start a web site and then everything stalled. Did it leave you wondering what really happened there?

If you are like most people, you may have started doubting your guidance and wondered if your lucky break will ever come. When the answers to your prayers arrived, you may even have dismissed them because they didn’t fit your expectations.

I would like to present you with another point of view: whatever shows up in your life, IS your answer. If you have prayed, planned and performed, yet nothing seems to come together, the evidence presents you with your answer… even if that is not what you want to hear. The answer to your prayer lies in what is happening in your life now, not in the fantasy of what anybody may tell you is coming.

Dreams and “guidance” that are not based on truth, can act like viruses of the mind. They will infect you with wishful fantasies and false expectations, blinding you to the truth of what is really happening in your life. These fantasies and dreams, while alluring, can get you so caught up in illusion that you miss the real answers that show up in your life.

True guidance may come in many ways, but it will never create a separation between where you are and where you are going. In other words, true guidance is always congruent with your path and purpose. There will be a natural flow of synchronicity between where you are at and the guidance you are receiving. True guidance will resonate with your heart’s deep knowing. It may also bring up unfinished emotional business that you need to clear in order to make space for the desired outcome.

True guidance flows with congruence; false guidance deceives. If there is no congruency between the guidance you received and what shows up in your life, it should raise a red flag. As captain of your soul, your job is to discern between true guidance and deception; between guidance that stirs your soul and static that strokes your ego. True guidance will not stroke your ego or feed its expectations; it will always challenge you to fulfill your highest potential.

When someone does not discern between true guidance and illusion, they will start using illusion as a defense against reality. They’ll get trapped in the world of dreams, fantasies and expectations. You have probably encountered some of these unfortunate souls: the ones who have taken every workshop and mastered every modality, holding themselves up as some advanced guru, while in reality they are leeching off the kindness of parents, family and friends because they are so self-deceived. Or perhaps you know some individuals who have lost their way to the illusion of some woo-woo philosophy that promised them an easy life with lots of love and riches, and they cannot come to grips with the reality of what shows up in their lives.

The Buddha taught that reality is your friend. Dialogue with reality and you will come to terms with what is, rather than the illusions of what your ego self craves, wishes for or desires. Another common example of the delusional nature of false guidance often occurs in relationships. Have you ever dated someone because of what you dreamt and hoped for them to become, instead of who they are in the moment? Recognize the red flag of delusion and drop it, or you’ll set yourself up for endless disappointment and hurt!

To stay connected to truth, it is important to look at what shows up in your life and work daily, because change happens continuously. You are in this dense energy for a reason: to grow. There is learning to master, relationships to experience, and growth to embrace. You soul is here for experience, not for security. And you are a co-creator in this process. You are not here to be some transcendent ethereal being who speaks to angels and masters as an escape from the realities of life; you are here to experience life on the earth plane. You are here to impact earth through you conscious participation in this process!

How do you activate your intuition to discern and tune into that process? You pray about things and then use what shows up in your life as a map to align with truth daily. Prayer can truly transform your destiny, and so it is important to discern between prayer that comes from the ego and prayer that emanates from the soul.

Prayer that comes from ego will outline to God what to do and how to solve the problem so your ego needs can be met. Such prayer caters to your ego desires to be loved, comfortable, secure, titillated and catered to. It invokes the interference of ego games, and you will get caught up in attachment and seduction, bargaining with the Universe. When the bottom drops out – as it inevitably will – you need to realign with the truth of your soul instead of the desires of your ego.

Prayer from the soul simply asks for the process to unfold free from agenda; it sees asking and surrendering to the answer as one and the same. It comes from a desire for service and a willingness to surrender. When you have prayed from your soul, you will feel the sense of peace and alignment immediately.

When praying for guidance about something, recognize that true, congruent guidance comes organically and naturally. If you wonder about what you should be doing with your life, ask the question and then watch for answers to show up. If you are looking at something and the doors are not opening, stop wasting your energy on it – the answer is clear. It may not be the right time or direction, so instead of resisting the reality of what is, let it go so you can focus your energy on being open to the guidance that is available to you.

Face the facts and work with what is; it will bring you serenity. If you continue holding out for a miracle, recognize that you are wasting time and energy. If you are meant to be and do something, everything will fall into place to help you accomplish it – you don’t have to doubt or stay in a holding pattern.  Instead of struggling with reality, align with Spirit and surrender the outcome. If things are meant to be, they will unfold and nothing will stop them. If they are not meant to be, your resistance is an ineffective use of energy.

Finally, recognize that Divine timing is not in your control. If you are meant to do something, it will fall into place for you. Stop putting your life on hold for an empty dream; recognize that if reality is not supporting it, it is an illusion. You will have a much more peaceful and serene life if you recognize that you are not in control of timing. Align with Divine timing instead of trying to force the process.

Accept what shows up, surrender attachment to the outcome, and align with Divine timing. Whatever shows up in your life, is indeed the answer to your prayers!

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