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Live a Worthy Life

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

You are worthy of unlimited blessings, of peace and joy and of great abundance. These are your birthright as children of Creator, sparks of divine Light and as stewards and teachers of the third dimension. Yes, that is correct, you are teachers of the third dimension, sent here to practice, teach and master ascension to take the third dimension and humanity into higher levels of being.  Your time here is not a punishment, waste of time or setback, it is a carefully planned journey of consciousness. You are master teachers and leaders, entrusted with a sacred mission. You are worthy of your life, is your life worthy of you?

All third dimensional reality begins with you. All creation on the earth plane is yours. The potential is the promise, the outcome is your responsibility. You ask God to rescue you from your own creation, not realizing that the power for transformation of everything is already yours. Your angels and guides are your helpers and your salvation lies not in the passing from the earthly plane but from its transformation. This is your gift to the universe, your mission in the greater Universal cycles that your earthly mind cannot comprehend. Do you live a life that is worthy of you and who you are?

The density and fear of the third dimension are tempting and compelling. You have lowered your own vibrations to work in this energy and then you become lost in its density as you are unprepared for its manipulation. Even if you are drawn into the illusion of powerlessness and fear, you can remember that it is just an illusion and that 3D energy can take any form you choose. If the life you are living is not reflecting your mastery and power, it is not worthy of you. Are you living in fear and desperation, hopelessness and despair?  Or in joy and abundance, which is your natural state of being and is worthy of you.

The density is transformed by unconditional love and the light you carry. The life that is worthy of you is the life you create at your highest vibration. The density of the third dimension will always be compelling and challenging but it is the most malleable energy in the Universe and when you apply your own energy, the easiest to work with. You no longer have to be in the world’s energy to create transformation. Your willingness to be here is your gift to Creator, your sacrifice for humanity and by creating a life that is worthy of you, your energy and mission, is the highest expression of the light you bring to the world.

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