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Morning Blessing 07 01 11

Dear Beloved One,  

As we celebrate the anniversary of this country’s independence, I reflect on the true meaning of Freedom, Patriotism and Allegiance.  According to Webster’s dictionary, independence denotes freedom from influence or control of others; freedom is defined as ease of movement and absence of restraint or confinement; patriotism depicts loyalty and allegiance is devotion to a cause.


Synchronizing with these meanings, may I suggest you embody the following affirmations — and perhaps create some for yourself individually:

    accept my unique preciousness, loving myself unconditionally
   ewness awaits me in every area of my life
D    oubt evaporates as faith surfaces
   ach day brings promises of spiritual surprises
P    eople in my life are messengers of God
   very moment is a gift from God
   ever depend on any person for your well being
   on’t just spend time – invest it by planting positive seeds
   njoy your day/week/month/year/life
   ever say ‘never’ – with God everything is possible
C    hange your ‘thinking’ – change your Life
E    very demonstration happens in time and on time

   elays are temporary – be patient
A    lways maintain  an attitude of gratitude
   our first success comes after your last failure


From the land of our founding fathers,


At this very moment, I am aware of the One presence, the Divine Field of God. 

 I am One with the presence now. It created me, and through and with that

power I create my good in this world.  I do not need to struggle. I have all

that I desire.  Every day I increase my faith. I know that my Source is from

this great power, and that all is possible.

I claim my Independence from any false beliefs which may have been influenced

by my family of origin.  My Inner Center of love, peace and wholeness radiates outward. In my daily God reunions, I gave thanks for all my blessings, large or small. I am gentle and kind to myself, nurturing my spiritual heritage.  I take a permanent holiday from negative thinking and light my spiritual fuse with firecracker thoughts.  They burst forth expressing vibrant physical, emotional and spiritual health, loving relationships, financial freedom, creative expression and inner contentment.


I pledge allegiance this day to live with joy, enthusiasm and passion as God intended me to. How glad and grateful I am to receive the comfort and consolation of these words. The Law of Good forever reacts to this Power that is greater than I when I say, “I let go, and let God.” And so it is.



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2 responses

  1. Powerful affirmations to live by 🙂 I believe Independance (Day) has many and varied but always deep meanings for each individual touched by it…and when it is in the right place it can bring a great sense of peace and wellness to the person concerned. Dare to dream the dream of freedom and independance!
    Wishing you peace on Independance Day 🙂

    July 1, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    • Greetings Wolfie, With freedom there can also be peace. Happy 4th weekend to you.

      July 2, 2011 at 11:03 am

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