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Morning Blessing 06 28 11

Dear Beloved One,

The more you come to understand the power of the Law of Attraction the more interest you will have in deliberately directing your thoughts-for you get what you think about, whether you want it, or not. Today I want to share a piece written by the premier teacher of attraction, Abraham-Hicks

Without exception, that which you give thought to is that which you begin to invite into your experience. When you think a little thought of something that you want, through the Law of Attraction, that thought grows larger and larger, and more, and more powerful. When you think a thought of something you do not want, the Law of Attractiondraws unto it, and it grows larger and larger, also. And so, the larger it grows, the more power it draws unto it, and then the more certain you are to receive the experience.

When you see something you would like to experience and you say, “Yes, I would like to have that,” through your attention to it you invite it into your experience. However, when you see something that you do not want to experience and you shout, “No, no, I do not want that!” through your attention to it you invite it into your experience. In this attraction-based Universe, there is no such thing as exclusion. Your attention to it includes it in your vibration, and if you hold it in your attention or awareness long enough, the Law of Attraction will bring it into your experience, for there is no such thing as “No”. To clarify, when you look at something and shout, “No, I don’t want to experience that; go away!” then what you are actually doing is calling it into your experience, for there is no such thing as “No” in an attraction-based Universe. Your attention to it says, “Yes, come to me this thing I do not want!”

Fortunately, here in your physical time-space reality, things do not manifest into your experience instantaneously. There is a wonderful buffer of time between when you begin to think about something and the time it manifests. That buffer of time gives you the opportunity to redirect your attention more and more in the direction of the things that you actually do want to manifest in your experience. And long before it manifests (actually, when you first begin to give thought to it), you can tell by the way you feel whether it is something you want to manifest or not. If you continue to give your attention to it-whether it is something you want, or something you don’t want- it will come into your experience.

These Laws, even if you do not understand that they do, affect your experience even in your ignorance of them. And while you may not be aware of having heard of the Law of Attraction, it’s powerful effect is evident in every aspect of your life experience.

As you consider what you read here and begin to notice the correlation between what you are thinking and speaking and what you are getting, you will begin to understand the powerful Law of Attraction. And as you deliberately direct your thoughts and focus upon the things that you do want to draw into your experience-you will begin to receive the life experience that you desire on all subjects.

Your physical world is a vast and diverse place full of an amazing variety of events and circumstances, some of which you approve of (and would like to experience) and some of which you disapprove of (and would not like to experience). It was not your intention as you came forth into this physical experience to ask the world to change in order to accommodate your opinions of the way things should be, by eliminating all things that you do not approve of and adding to the things you do approve of.

You are here to create the world around you that you choose, while you allow the world – as others choose it to be – to exist, also. And while their choices in no way hinder your own choices, your attention to what they are choosing does affect your vibration, and therefore your own point of attraction.

Glad we cleared that up!


There is only One, and that One is Spirit. It is present everywhere, all at once, Its perfection fully formed in all of its creation. It has the power to create anything I can imagine, and this power to create works naturally and effortlessly by means of spiritual laws. These laws are impersonal, immutable, unchangeable, and utterly reliable. This One is also the infinite intelligence of Life, knowing how to accomplish whatever I give it to do, and to do it with panache.

I was not created to suffer, to learn lessons, to improve myself, or to somehow ‘get better’. I was created by the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe to create a life that contains whatever I choose. Because the laws of the Universe operate upon what I truly believe, if I believe that I must suffer to experience a life of spiritual connection, I receive suffering in abundance. If I believe that I’m here to learn something I didn’t pick up the first time around, life brings me many learning opportunities until I learn by choice or by force. In precisely the same manner, if I believe that I am here to give and receive love without limit, abundance without end, and joy without boundaries, that is what I receive.

I pay close attention to the subtleties of my mind and my heart. I notice when I’m believing in less than a perfect Universe operating perfectly. I see clearly each instance in which I act upon the belief that Life is finite, lacking intelligence, or capricious…AND CHANGE MY MIND. I do this by using my innate and inherent spiritual power to guide my beliefs to the Truth. Anything in me that is out of alignment with the greater expression of Truth for me is now obliterated by means of this treatment. I’m no longer willing to live life halfway.

I trust in the infinite promise of Spirit, that I may have life and have it more abundantly. I trust in the impersonal laws of Spirit, knowing that they work for me as well as anyone, and that they work perfectly, every time. I place my faith in the creator of all life, which obviously includes me, knowing that this Creator loves me without limit, and is always guiding me to my greater experience. I live this day knowing that I’m here to love, to give, and to celebrate! And so it is.



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