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The Height That Love Can Rise To

Heavenletter #3110

God said:

If only I had the words to tell you the love I hold you in, but there are no words to express the love I have for you. There are simply no words for love. Love is far beyond words. There is no word to match the power and energy of love. All words fall short.

There is no gift that can reach the height of love. Not the biggest most flawless diamond, emerald, or pearl can touch the hem of love. Perhaps a dandelion from your child comes close.

The only thing that can compare to love is love itself, that most precious quality of life. Adhere to it. There is really nothing else that compares to love. Only love can really see its face in the mirror.

Now, beloveds, let Me give you some serious advice. If you feel let down by love, or abandoned by the love of your life, raise yourself up to another level of love. Let the past go. Sure, your heart has been hurt. I am sorry, but, no matter what, beloveds, you were too demanding, and so you hurt your heart. Hearts are not to demand from others’ hearts. Demanding is a pointless trip to go on. A gift can only be a gift. It cannot be a gift when you demand it. Love from another can only be given. You can be blessed with the privilege of another’s gift, yet you don’t have a right to it. A privilege is not a right.

Of course you have every right to love, so then love. Give love with all your heart. Accept love when it is gladly given. Otherwise, another’s heart has nothing to do with you.

We come back to the theme that no one owes you anything. No one is duty-bound to love you. Be glad of that. No matter how wrongful it may seem to you, another’s heart is his or hers to do with as he wishes and as he finds he can. It may even be his wish to love you, and yet his heart flails. Best for you to think all is a fair trade, beloveds. You gave what you gave, and the other gave what he gave. He gave all he could give for as long as he could give. No matter how you feel, you would not want fake love. You really would not want to put someone you love in bondage to you.

Every heart is free to go where it goes. Every heart is also free to dally where it does for a while. No one owes you. Repeat that to yourself. “No one owes me.” You certainly don’t owe it to yourself to anguish over what you see as a lost love.

When someone lets go of you, the world sees it as an affront. What someone else does has nothing to do with you. It has to do with the one who let go of you. Yet he is as innocent as you. Love in his heart directed toward you abandoned him. It left his heart. It went out the window.

And you are to love just the same. You are to have a letting-go kind of love, a love that kisses another goodbye and wishes him well on his journey. “Have a good trip,” your heart says to one who has left you: “Know that my love goes with you, wherever your heart takes you. I love you enough to wish you Godspeed. I wish you all the best. And now I free you. I do not hold you in the clinches. You are free, and I am free, and now we let go of our clasped hands.”

Love in the world is not a constant, beloveds. But the love in your heart is, and the love in Mine is always. It never veers. You are My love, and that’s all there is to it.

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