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Morning Blessing 06 16 11

Dear Beloved One,

Attracting what you want takes the right attitude. By the right attitude, I mean you have to think positively about what you lack. I know that sounds rather odd and contradictory – how on earth do you think positively about something that’s missing in your life? However, you’re trying to attract what you want, not repel it. Negativity and lack will repel the very thing you desire. Attracting what you want has no place for a Gloomy Gus. When you focus on something positive, your attitude will change, and you will feel more positive. Positive attracts positive, and you will bring into your life those things you want.

I used to worry a lot about money. I thought I was thinking positively, but I wasn’t. My thoughts were self-defeating because my focus was on lack – “I will get more money.” Wanting “more” of something means there’s a lack, which is negative. I then started to focus on “I have financial security.” This is a positive statement and is as though financial security is already in my life. Once I started “spinning” my focus in a positive way, I started attracting what I wanted. I had money to pay all my bills, with a surplus at the end of the month. After a couple months of doing this, I built up a little nest egg!

Because of this experience, I try hard to put a positive spin on my attitudes and try not worry. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but I remind myself that when I worry, I’m attracting into my life the very situations I’m worrying about. That snaps me right back into my positive mode real quick!

Do not let negative thinking get in the way of attracting what you want. Concentrate on what you want as if you already have it. Don’t give credence to the scary uncertainty that surrounds you. Concentrate on the blue skies above and attracting what you want. You will reach your goals.

Just believe!


Spirit always knows what it is doing, for it is the One Infinite Source of all life and all action. No matter how things appear to be, there is an Intelligence that is without fail and without distance always at work in every situation. And because I am created out of this one Infinite Spirit, this intelligence is at work in me.

In every moment of my life, I see this intelligence at work. . . even when it masquerades as something less than intelligence! By refusing to believe in less-ness and separation, I begin to experience the fullness of life and my unity with it. It’s really that simple: what I contemplate, I become.

And what I am, I attract to myself. The kind of attention I give to my life is the kind of experience I have in my life. So I pay attention to how I pay attention. It may not always be pleasant to do so, especially when difficult effects follow less than conscious causes. However, I know that taking total responsibility for my experience frees me to create the kind of experience I truly desire.

I give thanks for this mindful, joyous, and creative way of living, and celebrate my own powerful, creative, and intelligent Self within! And so it is.

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