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Morning Blessings 06 13 11

Pioneering A New Timeline

“Action on behalf of life transforms.” Joanna Macy

Dear Beloved One,  

For those of us that are fully listening to our inner Presence, we may be able to sense the Living Field of eternal intelligence transmitting into our very cells. The conscious ones know that we have crossed over the dimensional threshold, landed firmly and are now anchoring into our 5D templates. The grounding and birthing energies of May that initiated freedom and soul sovereignty laid the foundation for a June “reconnection” energy. At this point on the planet, though silently expressed, many, many, many beings can sense a change in their cells. We are now connected enough to actually experience energy as conscious and consciousness as energy.

Your job now is to visualize yourself as an ambassador of goodwill for Spirit. In life, work, and relationships it will be your responsibility to focus on what is now here yet unseen by sooo many. This month you cannot afford to be drawn into their dramas or concerns. Focusing on them instead of the higher frequencies of connectivity and love will only serve in you losing the good company of Soul-light. The moments ahead have all humans teetering on the dimensional divide and the law of attraction will surely bring your vibrational match!

We begin another Timeline direction possibility this month and you will choose according to your vibrational status. In this new timeline we begin to experience what feels like another chapter of our Soul, or Destiny, life stream. The success of the work accomplished in May has our root and heart energy centers rapidly increasing in velocity. These personal vortex energies will be expanding throughout the month until they reach the optimal rate of spin for 5th dimensional creation. The result will be material manifestations of heart-centered love rather than manifestations of fear, struggle, and burden.

Over April and May we had many challenging exchanges as 3D structures amped-up their gravitational pull and forced us to learn how to navigate ourselves in new ways. This is a classic case of the gradual “frequency split” that creates more polarity and its related extremes. Lucky for us, that phase is resolving for many. A higher system of consciousness is in the healing! The planetary grid no longer vibrates with the methods of third dimensional mechanics. A new 5D energetic architecture is rapidly dissolving the dominating control patterns of a 3D reality upon planet earth.

I have said that this year is about fusion, the deeper merging of Spirit into matter and currently more transformation is taking place on the collective and planetary levels. What has seemingly been operating in its own sphere of creation will now start merging with other spheres of creation to synchronize manifestation of a new Spiritualized reality into form. Be extra careful and conservative if you are still being gently (or not so gently) pressured into greater personal fusion of your Soul/Spirit in a materialized experience – old patterning, trauma, and beliefs continuing to come to the surface of consciousness so the Soul can hook up to the larger synchronized creation timeline that is approaching. This is what you have been working toward without knowing how it would look or feel.

During this restructuring time, more self talk, speaking to guidance (God) directly, getting clear inner messages, interacting more with energy field environments or actual entities (or completely disengaging so you will not get in the way) is making the invisible realms much more visible to us. We are sensing the energy everywhere in all things.

As we put this latest understanding into practice within our daily lives we are continually fine tuning our discernment and trusting this new energetic “sensory” intelligence directing us from inside our cells. It’s giving us a lot of information!  We are finding it applies to support absolutely everything, whether you have to go to the DMV for a new driver’s license, or meditate in your bedroom. This is not limited to ideas around spirituality, it is applying this full spiritual awareness completely as your “every now moment lifestyle”. You might even find yourself speaking to your guides about such mundane issues as what “cell phone” carrier you need at this time!

Energetically, spiritually, there is a resonance or non-resonance for your being in absolutely everything. For most during this phase, your spirit is removing ALL non resonant items from your reality/environment. This is necessary in order to vibrationally align you fully to the new timeline direction.

Over the spring months we were guided to only take action on something if the “inner authority” gave approval. This practice of discernment allowed whatever the issue was to be miraculously handled by the springboard revelations of your ancient eternal wisdom. As an example, you may have found that instead of having to physically address an issue, such as making an initial phone call or request, the person or thing actually CAME to you first. This practice leveled the playing field between the power of our Presence (being) and the force that is directed from the ego mind (doing). Taking note of when to “Be” and listen in order to know when to apply divine will to action required the highest levels of surrender, adaptability, and flexibility in trusting your Spirit. June will also afford us the opportunity to continue developing this new master-task of fifth dimensional order.

Watch out for the circumstances, people, and events that disengage you from your higher intelligence, or God-self. Remember, anything playing out in your external world of manifestation is representative of your inner environments that are attempting to clear and expand. You are separating from a false identity that prevents you from inhabiting a realized spiritual existence and Its presence will call to you through every available avenue. Go at your own pace, yet know that your Soul is always offering a strong nudge these days to follow its heart resonance and footsteps.

And to top all of this off, at the end of the week the balance-point of the Summer Solstice (Sunday, June 21st) arrives. From the invisible realms I am hearing that there is much rejoicing and celebration for us this year – remember we earned that new timeline! We are ready to embark on a fully new experience of ourselves, fully directed in our now presence through our higher sensory abilities and cellular knowingness. These are embodiments that cannot be controlled by the ego principled mind. The light-body is developing strongly now. As more of us feel and live this new model of “living” we influence the entire body of the human kingdom. Heck that alone is reason enough to celebrate. However you choose – make the day special and celebrate the most recent physicalization of Spirit into matter.

Getting ready to steer in a new direction . . .


All That Is carries form and formless within It and distributes it in ways that I marvel at. All my Beingness is acknowledged and understood within this Divine Source. The exalted and purposeful life of human form was breathed into existence by God to experience the fullness of Itself as One.

Today I acknowledge, respect, and appreciate my deeper awareness and partnership with everything physical and nonphysical. It all reveals my truest nature within the collective. The invitation to evolve further; to expand consciousness through the mind and body is accepted and I expect greater results than I can envision and imagine. As body, mind, and Spirit I am becoming lighter in frequency and density. My body understands how to move as fluid light rather than as a solid object. The mind no longer processes unwanted and unconscious thoughts that I am only sometimes aware of. Divine resonance illumines and liberates my mind, elevating its operations to bring forth the ideals from Soul that affirm my gift as a carrier of special purpose and unique alignment with Source. Spirit no longer dependent upon belief systems I embody that prevent It from expressing naturally and completely this incarnation. Attunements of crystalline light obliterate restrictions, releasing all misalignments of my Being. I am the spiritual builder who can let go of anything that no longer serves me.

My day is an expression of gratitude for I know that energy draws energy to it  and this treatment is already confirmed by the Law of One. My life is forever an emergence of expression that acknowledges access, evolution, growth, and discovery in all areas. And so it is.



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