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Even in Deserts, Flowers Bloom

Heavenletter #3103

God said:

Even in the deserts of the world, flowers bloom. And everywhere hearts bloom. In the most dire circumstances, hearts triumph. Even in the most auspicious circumstances, there are hearts that do not bloom. It must be that they refuse to.

Truly, all the circumstances in the world are not the key that prevent you from happiness, nor do all the circumstances give you the happiness you and I both want you to have. In the midst of plenty, there is sorrow. In the midst of little or nothing, there is great happiness. Can you argue this?

There, now I have proven to you that you, and you alone, are responsible for your own happiness. No longer can you blame unhappiness on what is going on around you. Surely, life does give you some perks, and you are gladdened. And, surely, life gives you some blows, and you are saddened. Even so, all the drama, favorable or unfavorable, is not the king of you. You are the king of you. You are your own glad tidings. You are the one who pulls you up, and you are the one who pulls you down.

You seem to have allotted yourself a certain amount of happiness and no more. You have put limits on how happy you can be and under what circumstances. The circumstances are innocent. They hold no grudge with you. It must be you who holds a grudge with them. Circumstances do not make or break your day. You do. No longer hold circumstances responsible for how you feel.

The outside world of circumstances is not meant to be the determiner of you. Circumstances are not the decider of your happiness or unhappiness. Free yourself from that idea. By what right do circumstances ration your happiness? Circumstances have no right except for what you deed to them. There is no need to form a partnership with circumstance.

Circumstance is what surrounds you. It is like the weather. Certainly, everything affects everything, and yet you are the receptor of your own life. Never were you meant to be a victim. No longer assume the role. You are not at the mercy of every circumstance. No longer blame circumstance. No longer blame at all. Just know that you are the director of your own movie.

You are not happenstance. You are a God Being that stands above all.

True, you are a human being, yet that is no excuse. Human beings are the kings of the world. Human beings are God Beings.

Do not give your power away in excuses. Aren’t you getting a little tired of excuses? Right now excuse yourself from unhappiness. It is too weighty. Unhappiness is heavy on you. When you are unhappy, you pull the whole world down. When you are happy, you pull the whole world up.

Do you have free choice or not? Do you want free choice? Surely, you don’t want your life dictated by the suffrage of circumstance.

Have you predicated your happiness and your life on circumstance? You have, haven’t you? And when you have, you have made yourself a bouncing ball, tapped up and down, at the mercy of the seeming hand that bounces you.

You are your own sovereign being. Be it then. Be the sovereign of your life, and allow yourself to be happy. Grant yourself happiness. Give yourself the entitlement to be happy no matter what.

Do not think I am telling you that sadness is forbidden. Sadness is okay. You can even be sad and happy at the same time. Be happy that you can be sad. It is all right. Only don’t settle for sadness as though you deserve only sadness. Gain equanimity. You can do it. Neither happiness nor unhappiness is the making of you. I am the making of you.

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2 responses

  1. That was so spot on for today! Thank you so much for sharing it, these posts are a real blessing and never fail to be well worth the read 🙂
    I hope you are very well and enjoying a peaceful and relaxing weekend 🙂

    June 12, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    • Greetings Wolfie, When we are happy the world spins better. Enjoy every day!

      June 13, 2011 at 8:06 am

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