sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.

Morning Blessing 06 10 11

The Light that is you

works tenaciously today

to help you remember that you are not a fragmented,

fear-based personality masquerading as the human ego.

You are a beloved and empowered child of God.

In Truth, all that this Infinite Source has is yours.

All you have to do is realize that Divine Birthright is to 

accept and BE your true nature. The Light!


The abundance of God’s life circulates infinite power and

possibilities all around me. Right here, right now! Divinity

gathers around me and celebrates my life. I AM the eternal

One posturing the structure of wonderful, glorious human form.


I know I am eternal….. and so does the Divinity that stays well

hidden in duality. Today I push open the door on Infinity and

receive a new dispensation of responsibility. This mantle of Spirit

contains all the elements of Light and I remember the “free choice”

and “wisdom that is my celestial birthright that never got caught in

the polarization of Earth life. I take charge of my own Human

nature and reveal the master within. In this process I experience

the total and complete removal of all fear energy from the Human

psyche, the body, the Soul and all things that belong to it. Each

and every memory of this knowledge is now reprogrammed and

changed. This reworking allows miracles to be accomplished within

my biology. It’s a transformation … an alchemy … a profound change

in my Human nature that completely aligns with God’s nature.


I am falling in love with Me and everything Humanity can offer my

eternal spirit. As the veil of fear is stripped away, the choruses of

who I really am start to sing their songs of joyous celebration to the

tune of God’s love. I am a revelation of Spiritual purpose. And so

it is. Amen.



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2 responses

  1. this is something I really need to take on board and act on…can it really be so hard as it seems?
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    June 11, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    • Greetings Wolfie, Learning to love each other shouldn’t be so difficult, but each living being must sacrifice for the whole. When we learn that love is the answer then we will become the world that was meant to be…

      June 11, 2011 at 7:08 pm

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