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Morning Blessing 06 09 11

Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.

Robert Collier

Dear Beloved One,

Start building a new biology that will work for you in the ascension process. Every one of you has a manual for sharpening and refining your physical temples so that they can become the engine of ascension. Each manual may be different, but Humanity is participating in a new profound order. Do you really think you can be in ascension status and keep the biology that you have? You know better! Some of you have actually started the process through pure intent. Perhaps you didn’t know that you were going into ascension status. Instead, you simply gave Spirit permission to go to the next step, take you down your rightful path. Do you know how many Divine Spiritual ears perked up when you said that? Those beautiful Spirit helpers who have been with you during this life, went into action.

Why move into an era of Light and masterhood and then die, come back, spend another twenty years growing up and getting it back? There has never been a time like this in the history of humanity on this earth. You know you have the power to change the human genome. Such is the power of those who can see through the eyes of ascension. Are you staying here as the planet herself becomes a temple of rejuvenation? We know the planet is changing, evolving and transforming into a new being. Do you think that we will not have to reprogram and change too? The energy shift of this planet will create optimal attributes within the spiritual portion of the human DNA. The indigo children, the emissaries of light children are demonstrations of this new biology. Ask Spirit to participate in holding more Light in your biology. This is what we have waited eons for, it’s part of why each of us is here at this time. Take the time to make an awakened state of soul-based-intelligence in each cell from your spiritual core being.

Perhaps you came to Earth in order to actually see and participate in the new age. What a responsibility! Perhaps that is why you are here! And why you are in the chair reading this and remembering this message.

From a peaceful existence, with the joy and love of God,


Through the Beloved Presence of God I awaken this day and join in the kingdom of spiritual realization. All that is within my vision has been crafted by an Immaculate Concept and is filled to overflowing with divine potential. The one Creator of all life has also fashioned  Angela from the substance of divine love. My entire being and cosmos is ordered and saturated by God’s confidence, trust, hope, and inner knowing.

Today it is possible to be the momentum of wholeness releasing the old structures of duality at even deeper levels. I reach for the loving hands of Light and step into the new, living field of Love that anoints all on this Earthly sojourn. I allow the fullness of this unknown to empower me with spiritual fulfillment and greater alignment with the Christed tone of love. I ask this Presence to look into my life and see what yet remains to be balanced by me to any person, place, condition or thing and draw forth through me a thousand times as much perfection to right all debts. As my being flooded with the gift of Love I am transformed into a force more than any human miscreation. All energies within my field of existence, conscious or unconscious, past or present, through obvious choice or through karmic liability that are less than God’s perfection are now transmuted back into Light to expand — expand, and intensify daily the mightiest action of the one Infinite Intelligence.

This is evidence of my new heart centered existence. From this moment forth I joyously assimilate the new adaptations of love as they reorganize, restructure, and clean out all that limits its potential. In the name and by the power and authority of the Presence of God  I AM, I send these words into the Realms of Law to appear as divine order and divine love in my life. Thank you God. And so it  is.



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