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The Great Momentum of Love

Heavenletter #3084

God said:

There really is not more love nor is there less love. Yes, I know it seems that way, and sometimes it can even seem on the Earthly plane that there is no love, no love at all, neither love to give nor love to receive. Yet love can never go extinct, beloveds. It cannot dry up, and yet love is not to be preserved but spent. To keep up with itself, love has to flow. It has to flow until the whole world swims in love.

Love is like the air you breathe. There can be deep breaths or small gasps of air, and yet you are surrounded by love just as you are surrounded by air. You who are love are immersed in love. You are love. It’s just that you have put your attention on other things, this or that, or you have put your attention on what seems like the absence of love. Where was your head, beloveds? What were you thinking of? The absence of love, indeed.

Really, beloveds, can you look up at the sky, night or day, and say that you are not in the presence of love? If that is the case and you have been unaware of the presence of love, then you have been thoughtless. Be thoughtful in your awareness of love. Love cannot be absent. It must be that you have absented yourself from awareness of love. What compares to love, and what would you ever want to take your awareness away from love for? What is worth even one tiny shred of love? Anyway, love cannot be shredded. It comes whole. Love is wholly love. Is love not stirring in your breast now?

When you are planting a garden, what can be prompting you to plant but love?

When you pick a ripe peach from a tree, what can your attraction to this peach be but love?

You want love. Even when you harbor resentment, you want love. You wouldn’t harbor resentment towards anyone unless you wanted love. What you want is to be loved. Resentment is saying that you wanted love from someone, that you deserved it, and you didn’t get it. Otherwise, why would you harbor resentment in the first place and ever let it turn into a grudge?

The world and the people in it seem to either give love or withhold it. How about you? Would you prefer to give love or to withhold it? Withholding love makes you a miser of love. What good does storing love do for you or anyone? Giving expands, and withholding contracts. When you expand, you relax. When you withhold, you are tense. In fact, when all is said and done, whom can you withhold love from but yourself, beloveds?

When you compress love, you are not loving yourself. You have turned yourself into a compressor rather than expresser. You are happy when you give love, and you are unhappy when you don’t. You may say that you are unhappy when someone else doesn’t love you. You feel unhappy because you don’t know how to express love to someone who doesn’t love you, doesn’t continue to, or never did. When love is not expressed, it is repressed, and repressed love equals hardness of the heart, which can only mean unhappiness and dejection, perhaps anger and pique. In any case, you need to stir the love in your heart.

When you express love, you express it fresh from the cow of your heart. The more you express love, the greater the flow. The greater the flow, the more love that is expressed and the more momentum of love you have.

Beloveds, just love. That’s all there is to do, just love.

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