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Morning Blessing 06 02 11

Dear Beloved One,

In life there will always be
challenges that have manifested and dreams
that have not. Yet they’ll always pale in comparison to the
number of dreams that have, and challenges that haven’t.
Just look around you.
It’s a Wonderful life,
The Universe


Life is good…and keeps on getting better. This is true because the nature
of Life is to always expand in every way that’s life-supporting and
love-engendering. Life’s perfect design is to grow and evolve into more and
more fulfilling versions of itself, and this is true of me. I give thanks
for the continual cycles of change and growth that happen in my life, even
if they aren’t always comfortable. I know that they’re part of the great
dance of creation, part of life’s loving itself into greater expression.

I welcome change in my life, because I know it means a shift in my
perception. It means that greater love is available for me to give and
receive…because I perceive it. It means that more abundant living is mine,
because I believe it. And it means that greater creativity, more joy, and
more fulfillment for me and everyone my life touches…this leaves no one out.

I trust this universe, and I give thanks for its continual evolution in me
and in all people. I give thanks for my willingness to stand up for what I
believe in, and my willingness to put it into practice. I am a blessing, and
I bless it all. And so it is.

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