sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.


by Scott Rabalais

We are all divine, but not all of us are interested in divinity.

For instance, consider Mark, who works as a computer technician at a firm in California. Since his teenage years, Mark has been fascinated with the inner workings of a computer and has built a career out of constructing and repairing them. On the side, Mark enjoys surfing, traveling and hanging out with his girlfriend. Mark was raised in a Methodist family and as a child attended church most Sundays. As he grew older, Mark lost interest in religion.

Then there’s Allison, a devoted wife and mother of three young children, who lives in New York. Allison was a high school and collegiate volleyball player and continued her fitness exploits after college, teaching aerobics classes. Currently, she is able to fit in teaching two classes each week at the Y, thanks to their day care services. Allison also enjoys cooking, reading and gardening. She was raised in a family that was not religious, though every now and then she has pondered some of the basic questions of her existence. Nowadays, she feels way too busy to pursue the answers to those questions, but hopes to one day when the children are grown.

We all know individuals like Mark and Allison that have found their interests and unique places in life. They are passionate about their respective roles and are outstanding in their responsibilities. They are content with who they are and pleased with the decisions they have made in life.

However, those who are interested in and have had profound experiences of divinity might ask why others, such as Mark and Allison, do not share and respond to the same longing for self-discovery as they have. The experience of spirituality, they might claim, is so all-encompassing, so deeply profound, so wonderfully enlightening that everyone should turn within and devote themselves to self-discovery, right? Isn’t that the reason for being here?

Let’s take a look at the human experience, which can be categorized into the realms of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We all dabble to one degree or another in each realm. Mark, the computer technician, spends a large part of his working day immersed in the mental realm, diagnosing and solving computer issues. On the other hand, Allison has spent many hours in her formative years and fewer presently applying her energies in the physical realm as an athlete and fitness teacher. Of course, while virtually all activities reach across multiple realms, we can label an activity for the sake of categorization with a predominant realm.

Mark and Allison, as all other individuals, are divine beings. As divine beings, we are interested in experience. As a soul being, we are interested in engaging in a multitude of realms to bring that experience back to the Creative Source. It’s what we all do over many lifetimes, through many dimensions and in many roles.

There are an infinite number and type of experiences for which each of us can sign up. We may wish to repetitively experience emotions such as grief and sadness, while another may choose gratitude and kindness. We may wish to touch the inherent truths deep within, while another is most interested in watching sports on television.

Actually, what each of us has designed is a vast and complex reality that allows us to experience on many levels. Once we engage fully in a particular experience, we may wish to put that specific type of activity aside and move in another direction. Each of us is creating a divine flow of events and experiences, all of which are interconnected and integrative.

What each of us experiences is inextricably tied into the experiences of others. Imagine Allison, while on an extended vacation with her family in California, encounters a computer breakdown upon arrival. With a quick fix needed, Allison calls a computer repair company for service. Soon thereafter, Mark arrives at her hotel to take care of the problem.

Of course, soul choices are not limited to our occupations and activities. Soul choices run the gamut of our life experience, including our choice of gender, physicality, personality, financial status and talents. Those with whom we interact are drawn into our experience, including our parents, family, partners, children, associates, friends and others. Those beliefs and belief systems we adhere to are also part of the equation. Major life events are charted as well, whether that is our own birth and death or some life-altering experience.

Similarly, prior to taking a vacation trip we usually make plans as to how we will travel, where we will go, who we will visit, where we will stay, what we will eat and so on. We take note of the major events we wish to experience, perhaps taking in a show, visiting a monument or just having some down time by the pool.

Where we are now is exactly where we have chosen to be. Of course, just like during a vacation, along the way there can be changes made to our initial agenda. Imagine the far-reaching effects on the web of interrelation when one soul makes a significant change to its life plan. Nothing is too big for soul intelligence!

One person’s experience is no better or worse than any other; it’s only judged as such. The homeless individual who wishes to live alone in a cardboard box and scrounge for food is honoring his divine self and one of the experiences his soul has chosen for this incarnation. Those who have come to discover a spiritual or divine reality are honoring their soul choice just the same. Just as the homeless man may not choose to be immersed in matters related to higher consciousness, the person interested in spirituality may not wish to live in a cardboard box.

There is no better/worse or higher/lower when it comes to our reality – only choice. The world is our playground, and we are free to roam into any realm we wish. Each of us is a divine spark and infinitely intelligent, recognizing with clarity what is best for us. There are no accidents, mistakes or misfortune; just soul choices being played out. We are the Creative Source and we exist for experience in a vast multitude of possibilities. When we transcend appearances and judgment, we see that all is in perfect, divine order. As we honor the choices our soul has made, we can honor the soul choices of all others.

Copyright © Scott Rabalais – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article freely on the condition that the author’s name, is included with the article.


2 responses

  1. Food for a hungry soul! 🙂

    June 1, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    • Greetings Wolfie, Our Soul’s hunger for knowledge. We must feed them well.

      June 2, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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