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Morning Blessing 05 31 11

Dear Beloved One,  
Our views (perceptions of ourselves in relationship to others and our environment, and our sense of purpose for being in the world) are right (appropriate and life-enhancing) when our understanding of our spiritual essence, God, and the mental and physical laws of cause and effect that determine our experiences and circumstances is accurate.
Our aspiration is right when it enables us to harmoniously accomplish purposes of value, attract favorable events and circumstances, and

experience orderly spiritual growth.

    Our speaking is right when it is always coherent and
        accurately communicates useful information.
Our conduct is right when it is constructively appropriate.

    Our livelihood (what we do to provide for our basic needs or to render service) is right when our knowledge and skills are used honestly and constructively.
Our endeavors are right when they are motivated by
our highest ideals and effectively performed.
Our mindfulness (what we observe and think about) is right when we are alert, attentive, Self-knowing, and aware of our relationship with the Infinite.
Our contemplation is right when we look at what we want
to know or experience with keen expectation of discovery.
The underlying theme — is to be fully conscious!
(alert and attentive every moment)  
from Studies in Truth by Roy Eugene Davis


The One Power in life responds to what I think, feel, and believe, and if I want my life to be better, I have to increase what I find myself capable of believing. This isn’t an impossible feat, it simply involves deepening my understanding of what the universe is and how it works. Because the universe is unlimited, and is always springing into form…and because it does this by means of spiritual laws that are timeless, eternal, and unbound by any precedent, I can create whatever I’m capable of holding the vision about.

Today I let my mind go deeper to the soul level than ever before, and discover that I have within myself a true and fine vision for my life. I hold a vision for my relationships, for my vocation, for my world. I am willing to know what these visions are, for only by letting my mind flow freely into the place of possibility can they become my reality. Spirit in me knows how to take what I can believe in and make it real; it’s just not my job to figure out how it’ll happen. My job is to know what I commit myself to believing in.

Right now, I envision a life that’s richer, more loving, and more satisfying than I’ve ever imagined before. I know that the power of Spirit can create this experience for me. I turn my attention from what I expect to receive and put it towards what I long to give to my work, my loves, my family, my community, and my world. I discover that by opening up to greater possibility in this way, clearly establishing an intent in mind, and giving the best of my self to all that I do, Spirit takes care of all the details. So I give my best, and as I give, I receive. I give thanks for the wonderful way the universe supports me in all things, and I hold true to my vision for my life and my world. And they are made flesh. And so it is.



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2 responses

  1. The beginning of understanding for this Ice wolf 🙂

    June 1, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    • Greetings Wolfie, Glad you enjoyed the post. Enjoy every day!

      June 2, 2011 at 6:04 pm

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