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Take God With You

Heavenletter #3343

God said:

Set your direction to Me. You are on your way anyway, but once your direction is set, you are on your way with elation, on your way to complete realization of God with a spring in your heart. I am your automatic pilot. Nevertheless, I rely on you. While you are still on Earth, you can have full awareness that you know Me very well. After all, beloveds, We have been together forever, since the beginning of time, since before the beginning of time. Of course, there is no beginning, and there is no time. It can only be your awareness that begins to dawn.

We know each other very well. We are so intimate, you do not see. You dance to and fro. You have been well-practiced at playing Dodgem with Me. You can’t win. That is, you can only win Me, beloveds.

We are meeting right now. We never stop meeting. Along the way, I suggest you do not beg Me, yet ask Me to serve you, not as a favor, not as if you are subordinate but rather as My dear companion. What shall you ask Me? Ask Me for your awareness to take hold. Ask Me to help you to see. Ask Me for the clarity to see. We already know you are coming to Me in terms of your awareness, so tell Me in steps how I can help you. These steps, of course, are steps you will take. By asking, you set your foot on the next high step, and you progress. You will progress with or without asking. Your destination is assured. In asking Me, it is like you put a post-it note up for yourself to see.

Ask Me for energy in your daily life. Ask Me to give you wisdom. Ask Me to heal your heart. Ask Me to help you pour out love. Ask Me what you want in your desire to come to Me, and then get moving as if you already have it, for you do! Enough of waiting for Me. I have been waiting for you!

Already established in My heart, you are nevertheless traveling to Me. Put your hat on, pack your bags, come outside, and gravitate toward Me. I will pull you like a magnet.

You now know which path you are walking on. You can take a short-cut. The short-cut is your attention on where you are going. It takes so little to escalate your seeming journey to Me. Just a little awareness of what you want. Even blindly, you will hasten to Me. Here I AM with My arms wide open. You are already here with Me, and still I greet you. Still I say, “Welcome.” I say it now. Welcome. Welcome to the
Kingdom of Heaven. Welcome to the Heart of Love. Welcome to where you have always been.

You are My own true beloved. You are like the master of My heart. I am omniscient and all that, yet I take My cues from you. That is how I can say that you are the master of My heart.

I have the eyes to see and the heart to hear. No longer do I want to hear you moaning, beloveds. Step right up to Me and let go of your dependency on restrictive questions you seem to continue to ask Me. I am your True Love, and you are meeting with Me now.

We are walking hand in hand at this moment. I ask you to help Me. You are My helper. Arms entwined, I ask you to make My path easier. Lead the way, My beloveds. Show Me the way to go home. Take Me with you.
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  1. Have a lovely Evening my friend…

    May 29, 2011 at 8:16 pm

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