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Morning Blessing 05 26 11

Dear Beloved One,


Do you believe that for every question there exists an answer somewhere? Sometimes, it is a wise choice to say, “Yes, I know the answer is out there, I just don’t know where it is or how to find it yet.” Realizing that there is a gap in your information is much more productive than being stalled because you don’t have a solution anywhere. If you can’t see it, do you conclude that it already exists?

Can you see air? No. Does it exist? Yes. Would you miss it if it disappeared, even though you can’t see it? Oh yes, indeed, you would know the instant you had no more air to breathe! This has to do with invisible forces of energy that you use every day and take for granted. So I am trying to expand your understanding of the invisible things you use to benefit your existence.

We have been taught that solutions can be hard. They are not!! They are simple. I ask you, why can’t the best solution be easy? If you believe that all reward comes from hard, unremitting work, then that is the path that you choose to inflict upon yourself. If that is your expectation of life, that is what you will create. What you believe in creates your reality!

All of your answers and solutions do exist within you, even when you cannot see them. Expand your consciousness into the higher realms of expectation and realize that you have the power to begin to master this concept. You can affect and direct all that is around you!
It’s that simple,


There is a power for good in the universe, available to everyone, part of each soul’s journey, and I can learn to use it wonderfully. This power is my power of attention, for what I contemplate, I become. This is the eternal spiritual law, and nothing can stop it. I can rally against it, complain about it, or whimper about life not being fair. But ultimately, it is done unto me as I believe.

I know that in truth, life is just. My habits of attention and perception literally create the experience I have in the world. I choose to pay attention to that which is life-supporting, that which nurtures and encourages, and gives answers. I choose to place my attention on that which draws out of me a solution greater than self, a stronger identification of the Soul Getting answers isn’t about ego-boosting; it’s about soul-freeing!

I see the world as the play of Spirit, unfolding from unseen substance. I clearly see all actions to take, all choices to make as my Spirit’s divine ability and right There’s nothing to fear here.

I refuse to think in terms of separation or duality, and because I think in terms of unity and wholeness, that’s what I experience. Because I discover the purity and the beauty and the grace even in the middle of absolute chaos, I find an unshakable order within that easily finds solutions to even my hardest questions and predicaments.

Nothing can ever faze me again, for I am rooted deeply in Spirit. And for this I am grateful. And so it is.



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