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What are you Sharing?

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Each person has a field that contains every aspect of their vibrational energies, created by their thoughts, beliefs, emotional DNA, and cellular memory. This field is always active and is shared with everyone they speak to, think about and interact with. You connect with those who share some aspect of your field. When you are unaware that you have this field and what yours contains you unconsciously invite others to share their field’s energies with you. Do you know what you are sharing and are open to receiving? Do you know what others are sharing with you and how you are connecting with them?

Unless you are aware of these energy fields you feel them as emotional connections, as attraction or repulsion, or a sense of like or dislike. Yet without a deeper understanding of what is involved you are attracting lessons or making yourself available to those who wish to include your energies in their lessons. Your response to the connection point determines how you will be involved with them and how your karma is activated. You can choose your next step with awareness of these energetic connections and whether you will participate in them.

You are sharing your energy with others when you are not aware of your boundaries, when you allow others into your energy field to step into your power. You allow others to share their energy with you when you respond to their connection request unconsciously or out of obligation, to heal them or when you react through your emotions. Choosing from your emotions activates karma, choosing consciously from your power allows you to decide.

Your connection with someone does not require you to be part of their lessons. It is your belief that you must participate in all levels of healing with everyone that allows you to be open to the connections and their experiences and lessons. When you know you can choose you have confirmation that your vibrations are at a new level, then you can decide whether you will be the healer through experience or through your light. Be present in your own energy and you will know which choices are right for you, your joy and peace of heart and spirit.

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