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God Wants Us to Make His Thoughts Our Own

Heavenletter #3079

God said:

Intend rather than try. I know that intentions have had a poor reputation in the world. Of course, there is intending and intending. Nevertheless, I ask you to intend more.

Think not of intention as a promise you make. Think not of intention as a result you must obtain. Just think of intention as something that requires nothing of you but to have it. Rather think of intention as a seed you plant. Think of intention as a dream you have. Think of it as a picture you have before you. Think of it like a premonition.

Intentions are powerful. Intention is one of the powers I have placed within you.

Of course, by intention, I do not mean a to-do list. With the intentions I refer to, all you have to do is to think of them. They will apply themselves.

Here are samples of the sort of intention I have in mind for you. Have these ideas in mind. Think the following. Even say them to yourself:

“I create harmony wherever I go.”

“Let there be peace in the world.”

“I like people.”

“Life is easy for me.”

“The world offers me great opportunity.”

“I am happy today.”

“I am happy everywhere.”

“I give happiness.”

“I smile.”

“I am calm.”

“I speak kind words.”

“I hear kind words.”

“I am patient all the time.”

Perhaps you can think of intentions as fortune cookies. Yes, that’s what intentions are. They are fortune cookies. And your fortune is right now.

As you verbalize and visualize the life-supporting intentions of your heart, your brain waves get set up in such a way that your intentions become real to you. It is true that what you think of, you will have more of. Whether this is evident to you or not, it is true for you, and it is true for everyone. It matters where your thoughts are. It matters a lot, for you set yourself in a direction you want to go. Your intentions are like arrows shot from your heart. Note that intentions are framed in the present tense. Intentions are made, beloveds. An intention is made at the same time as you let go of it. It is still your intention, and you can remind yourself of it, and yet it is already done. You can let go of it. The result of your intention is on its way to you. Your intentions are alive. They are alive right now.

Through your intentions, you will find out a lot about yourself. You will find out what is important to you. You will get to know your values. You will like yourself more.

Make intentions for yourself and not for anyone else. Intentions have to well up from inside. You cannot pop them into someone else’s mouth. Nevertheless, what you intend may spread to others. You do know that thoughts travel. In fact, you may think an intention you have is all yours, yet it may have come from another’s thought. You can be quite sure that, one way or another, your sweet intentions came from Me, beloveds.

Think of the world as a sky that has thoughts strung across it. Consider that I string My thoughts across the world. Your hand reaches up and catches some of My thoughts. You pick up what I intend for you. What I intend for you, I also intend for others. All can grab the same ideas. I don’t mind. I’m happy. Take any of My thoughts you want. I give them to you. Make them yours.

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