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God Wants You Now

Heavenletter #3080

God said:

Think a moment of what it means that your heart is connected to all other hearts. This is not only a nice phrase, beloveds. This is the Wholeness of Truth. Every heart beats within yours. Your heart beats in everyone else’s. There is one tom-tom beating all over the Universe, and it is yours, and it is Mine, and it is Ours.
There is one stream of love. There are not many streams, even though it may look that way to you.

Now you look further.

And now you embrace further. Your arms are around the whole world, and your arms and heart include everyone in the world. There is no one left out. The field of life exists in your heart, and your heart is connected to all. Alas, hearts may seem separate, and that is the heartache of the world, beloveds.

No heart is in isolation. And yet so many of My children feel alone in what may sometimes seem to them like an unloving Universe. What you feel, you feel. True or not, you feel it and act on it as if it were true, and yet it is furthest from the Truth. You are not alone. It is not possible to be alone. Isolation can be felt. It can be seen, and yet isolation is not.

You are connected to every heart in the Universe. Therefore, there is one heart that beats, and it beats in you.

Responsibility is not thrust upon you, beloveds, yet it is yours. You have a responsibility to all hearts, including the heart that you see as your own. I speak as though there were single hearts, because I speak to you. As I speak to you, I speak to all. As I speak to you, I seek admittance to your heart, even though I am already seated there. I, Who dwell in your heart and, therefore, in every apparent yet imagined heart in the world, am courteous and ask you to open the door of your heart as if I were not already enthroned in openness. This is a manner of speaking, you understand.

It is not that I really ask for admittance. I ask for your awareness of where I AM. Beloveds, where would I be but with you?

I gave you freedom, and you have the freedom to know the contents of your heart, to know your allegiance to all hearts, which are really One, and to know your inviolable friendship with Me, Our intimate relationship of Oneness. Let’s call Oneness love, which it is.

Along with the freedom to acknowledge Truth, you also have the freedom to not see Truth. You have the freedom to dance around Our Oneness. You have the freedom to believe anything you want, even when it is not true. You have the freedom to regard, and you have the freedom to disregard. You have the freedom to go any which way you choose. You even have the freedom to bind yourself, and this may be what you have chosen.

And now you can switch choices any time you choose. And why wouldn’t you choose to know Me, beloveds? What would keep you back from the very fundamentals of you? Why would you not choose the door that says Truth, Happiness, Boundless Joy? Can it be that you have chosen the door that says Everything As You Thought It Was? Sometimes the doors are marked: This Minute or The Past. Sometimes the doors are marked: Infinity or Finiteness. Vastness or Smallness. Oneness or Separateness.

The day will come when you will choose Oneness. What do you wait for? Why not right now? Why not choose right now? Release yourself from hesitation. Come to Me now.
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