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The Storms of Ascension

a message from Christina Lunden

“I AM walking on my highest and easiest path, allowing the light to freely flow through me to all.”

We all know about the stormy weather that has been affecting the world. Some people say this happens every so many years. Some say it is the end of the world. And some believe it is the catalyst that begins a new period of life on Earth through the Ascension.

I have been told by the Angels that what we are seeing is the birthing of a new Earth. Most people would agree that birthing isn’t pretty but after the baby gets all cleaned up, the pain of the process fades in memory. There will come a day when our memories will also fade of these chaotic, painful times.

Right now we are in the middle of the actual birth. The head is crowning and Mother Earth is pushing. In between each contract she relaxes a little and breathes deep. Can’t you almost pinpoint these moments? First, there is the pushing of energy, when people feel anxious and chaotic for what seems no reason; especially those people who are still being controlled by their ego. Then there is the relaxing, peaceful energy which almost seems soundless and still. (We can almost miss these peaceful moments if we are not looking for them.) Then there is the in-breath of energy where we feel the anticipation of the next push. That is one layer of what is going on.

Bringing it closer to home, there are other storms raging.  Storms are popping up like hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and thunderstorms in people’s lives. What I have been finding from talking with Lightworkers is that usually these storms are not in their own life; they are in their family and friends lives. The Lightworkers feel the effects when they jump into these storms to rescue and help without being invited to do so. When this is the case, the soul that is being helped will react in a way that will make things even more confusing and chaotic. The hope is that the Lightworkers will stay out of these situations and let the soul do what it needs to do to learn the lessons it needs to learn from them.

I went through this recently. I knew not to jump in someone else’s storm and did quite well walking the higher path of non-interference with everyone in my life; except for one person. I so wanted to help them! So much was stormy over the last two years for this person and I was in a position to help. The problem was they didn’t ask me for help. And every time I stepped in with a solution, it seemed welcomed and I was happy to be helping this person make their life what their words said they wanted it to be. But over time things got worse for the person in every area of their life. They would not follow through with doing the things necessary to continue the momentum of the positive changes. Every time I fixed the situation they were in, I was glad that this time, they would stay on track. But that didn’t happen. Then the person turned on me and told me they never wanted me in their life; in the past or in the future. I was stunned. Our different perspectives of what happened during the last two years were like night and day. They took my love and freely sharing as being mean to them.  The Angels talked to me and told me that I was not invited in to help; I interfered with the soul’s lesson. I told them that I didn’t see why any person would want to suffer and have things so difficult. The Angels answer was that we can’t know all of what a person is here to discover and learn for their soul’s purpose. They said that I was being pushed away now in such a violent fashion because each time I stepped in and judged what I thought was best for this person, it made their soul go through something harder than it had originally intended. So the solution was to permanently get me out of the way. It really hurt to hear this person had such a skewed idea of what my intentions were. But then it did make sense once I pulled my wounded self up out of the Earthplane and into spirit, viewing the situation from that higher level. Who was I to judge what that person needed; even if they complained about their life and constantly lived in drama? Yes, I had the means and opportunity to help but I overstepped and should have waited until they asked for help, which now I doubt would ever have happened. I have forgiven the situation, the person and myself and I have compassion for this person and the path they have chosen for themselves.

This is totally different than what we learned to do as 3rd Dimensional beings. Before the Ascension started, we were encouraged to help other souls in any way we could; invited or not. But that was only because we didn’t have the spiritual power then to alter someone’s experiences. Now we do. And what we are told is that if a Lightworker keeps helping uninvited, eventually they will have their energy lowered to where they cannot make any changes to another soul. It is critical at this time in our soul’s experiences for all of us to complete what we need to. For most of us, this is our last life on this planet of lesson. We are choosing to move to another place that will  have higher dimensional soul lessons, such as compassion and love but not through a process of forgetfulness, like we have here on this Earth experience.

Here is another perspective. You are living your life and a wonderful Lightworker crosses your path and without you asking they help you financially, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually. It’s great, right? Then you cross over. In your life review, you find out that because that person did that for you, you have to return to another cycle on this Earth to learn one last lesson that you missed; one whole new life, for one lesson. That is where we are at now. It is that critical to let each soul choose their own path. If and when someone asks for help, we help with everything we have; if we want to and if we can. But until then, we need to stand back while some of our loved ones and strangers suffer and go through situations we would prefer them not to knowing that their soul knows exactly what it needs to do to learn what it needs to learn and will always choose the easiest path first. Some of what we see is going to look really ugly, like the birthing process but what comes out of it, will be a thing of beauty.

Someone is asking, “But my business is all about helping people.” Great! If someone makes an appointment, pays or in any other way asks for help, you are walking the highest path in helping them with all of your spiritual tools. If you are a writer, then whoever signs up to your blog/website or goes to your page to read your work or buys your book then that shows intention of wanting your guidance through your writings. So keep writing! We usually overstep boundaries with family members and close friends; not clients.

There are many storms happening all around us. Some we see on the weather radar coming to us and some we can see on our spiritual radar. Then there are those times that the storms sneak up on us. Please remember that you are never alone and all that you have learned over the years is sitting within you, in your spiritual toolbox. The Angels, all of our Angels, whether you can hear or see them, have been helping us for years to prepare for these very days. We have more to go through, more intensely. Knowing this ahead of time is a blessing because we can put on our breastplates, carry our swords and lift up our lights every day not expecting it to be different for a while. We can expect the storms and ride them out as if they were only the wind blowing through our hair and not be moved. We can concentrate on the peace and love we create in our lives. We are not the ones who are meant to be experiencing the storms. We are the ones who are holding the energy so the storms don’t get out of hand; so they only are what they need to be to get the Ascension here.

I am encouraged by all of the loving people who are shining their lights all over the Earth. We will serve in a more outward way once again. Until then we can walk beside each other spiritually supporting one another, which is a blessing when one of us feels all of this is too overwhelming. We won’t all get weary at the same time; so it is okay to have those moments. Just remember we are here for you. And the Angels and Spirit are here for all of us. We will make it through this stormy part of the Ascension and soon we will be basking in The Light on the other side of all this.

I AM honored to walk beside you,


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