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Plant a New Garden

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

The path of your many lifetimes has been a continuous flow of karmic energy seeking resolution and transformation. You begin each lifetime with the seeds of your karma which, if sown into the fabric of your life, will yield the expected results. Just as you cannot expect to grow peas from corn seeds, so you cannot expect to achieve mastery and create a new earth whose vibrations exist beyond karma if you do not change the seeds you are sowing in your garden. Each of you can create new seeds, a new way of being, and transform your reality.

While karma is your destiny, it is one path among many. Each path exists at its vibration and as you raise your vibration there are new paths available to you. And with each different path you have new seeds to plant a new garden, choosing the path of freedom and creation over karma. Every aspect of your reality at this moment has grown from seeds that you have planted. Seeds of anger and frustration will not transform into love and peace. Seeds of resentment and doubt will not become acceptance and faith.

Rather than approaching each lesson with a heavy heart, see it as a choice to plant a new garden. Your purpose is to raise the vibration of density, not to participate in it. Imagine that you have the seeds of your karma in one hand, and new seeds for a different garden in the other. You can choose either one and your choice reflects the spiritual understanding you have gained from previous lessons. Which do you choose?

The earth’s karmic cycles are ending as there is less energetic support for them. The foundation for the new earth is creation, releasing the old cycles and allowing energy to flow in new patterns. The new earth is your garden to plant with seeds of faith, trust, love, peace and joy. As you choose to honor your purpose as healers and transformers, you bring in new energies that provide humanity with a release from the fear aspects of polarity and awaken to new possibilities for heaven on earth. Resolve to plant a new garden for the new earth, to create heaven on earth and allow ascension to unfold.

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  1. Must admit my garden is like walking through an untamed jungle at times my friend…

    May 9, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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