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Morning Blessing 05 09 11

Pontent Power Transit

“Mindfulness must be engaged. Once there is seeing, there must be acting. Otherwise, what is the use of seeing?” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Beloved One,

The new frontier of multidimensional living and healing is changing every human pioneer that has ventured to this land called Earth. We are blazing trails into new territories of universal consciousness and bridging realities in ways that have heretofore not been thought of. We are part of the expansion of human possibility on the journey seeking more Truth, more Light, and more spiritual expression on earthly ground.

The Now-moment opportunity is a time of identifying and strengthening the re-harmonization that took place during April. May has us embarking on the first stages of our own second coming! In other words you are emerging as the authentic wholeness of your core truth and embodying that more fully as a physical reality. This month you will be challenged to address two issues in particular. The first is how you manage your energy. Responsibility and ownership of what you take in, what you give out, and where it lands in between has moved up to priority status. The ability to comprehend how you manage energy provides the opportunity to understand your own empowerment through developing different perspectives of reality. It’s important to know what vibrations of continuity are coursing through and within as you venture further into a vortex of spiritual awakening and realization.

The higher octaves of Light and Order are requesting that you discard all past information and learn a completely new way of relating to self and others. You are being asked to comprehend that you are actually a creative intelligence that is responsible for all experiences in your life. No longer can you lead yourself by pretending that external sources have power over you. Understand that while you and I may be exempt from this issue, many are not and will not welcome having to expand their relationship with responsibility and consequences. Keep track of those bent of resisting in your realm of influence and help them along by example. Your energetic field and kindness will give others the confidence to trust and explore.

If you are new to understanding how your internal subtle timings and intricacies influence and drive your physical external environment now is time to do some extended research and study. No longer can you just notice the extreme differences and varying degrees of reality that move before you. More so than ever you must make an effort to metabolize the faultiness of your own limitations and correct the erratic currents of consciousness that stimulates a separation from “the Greater Joining” that is being anchored right now within each soul.

Everything is happening quickly, and quite simply no one is going to escape the coding and upgrading. In fact as time proceeds forward we are dared to integrate ever more components, concepts, and conditions of the 5-D spiritual occurrence that is sweeping across this part of the galaxy. If each can be open to the virtues and fortitude of Light that is pressing upon and into their form then each will discover they are being carried toward greater reality in spite of their concerns, their ideas and ideals.

The second issue up for refinement this month is connected to truest identity and heart desire. As our solar system dwells in the galactic center, there comes more Light. More light which is photon energy containing Intelligent transmissions. All that has ever been created is of Light. This being true, the Light within us is responsive to all other stimuli in all of reality as light begets light. People everywhere are being washed in the tides of spiritual revelation and so it is time to find your brighter, stronger, greater depth, and richer aspects of the Self.

The Universal influx of transformation is asking all of you to determine who you are, what you stand for in the universe and to expand and enhance that potential. To this end, many will notice conflicts rising within their daily lives. Tempers may flair, judgments might get passed, boundaries crossed over, and feelings ignored or not honored. And all of it for your own achievement, so do not run when the experiences show up at your front door. Instead recognize that the cosmos are requesting clarity about who you say you are. You are being asked if you truly like the version of Spirit-as-Humanity that you are.

Here’s how it will most likely look, if you and your Soul are on the same page about your spiritual expansion then the cosmic askings will come and be answered with not much fuss. However should you not be on the same page as your Soul, life will animate and perhaps scream towards what needs to be changed so that you are more congruent with your Eternal Heritage. And remember all of this is happening because in April we activated new degrees of freedom and integrity to further the development of our multidimensional and psychic sensitivities.

If you can stand in the internal space and structure of your atoms and be aware of all that you are offering- energectically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically- then you should flourish during the times ahead this Spring. You are a cosmic force of God nature becoming more sensitive to the perspective of authenticity that is no longer accepting the untruths in your experience. You (and I) can no longer pretend to be what we are not and that is why the All-That-Is will be asking for your ultimate identity and truth over the next few weeks.

Embodying the grace of all this potent goodness,


I center myself in a moment of Presentness. A moment of hushed, cosmic
reverberance where I meet universal spiritual truth. The truth that there is only
One conveying power aware of its unbound infinity and universality even in
the finiteness of expression. From the silence within comes a realization that I,
too, am a process of It’s self-revelation making visible the inherent truth of its
powers of existence according to the harmonic law natural to all manifestation
of the Infinite. This now moment allows me to know I am the very nature of
an essential and universal good manifesting itself.


So today I call forth this nature; this self-effectuating consciousness that is the purity of infinite diversity. I open wider and allow the light of eternal self-existence to pour Itself into all of my activities ~ making and keeping all things pure. There will be no ignorance leading to wrong will, not the falsehood of separation contrary to the all good of Oneness. In soul, mind, life, and body I am a consciousness of harmony, self-knowledge, and self-mastery incorporating an identity of persona. I have particularized myself as a composition of life that is potent, strong, and beautifully recognized as a child of God. Today, I live not as a personality expressive of a larger secret being, but greater, as the inner conscious Existence self-revealed!


May it happen that this inner largeness overflows into the surface formation of my structural limits always and forever. My heart leaps with anticipation as my Power of Being moves forward into another day sharing this multiplicity of goodness with all I meet. And so it is. Amen.


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