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Give Up Hero Worship, Part III

Heavenletter #24

God said:

Hero worship is giving up your freedom. It is giving responsibility for your welfare to another. That makes you responsible to another rather than to yourself or to Me. But they will not be responsible to you. They will be responsible to themselves, and that is how you allow yourself to be used.

I will use you. I will use you like a wand that swirls light as it is waved. I will use you for the betterment of all, not just for one or another. And I never leave you out or forget you or pander to your weaknesses. I don’t take advantage.

Seek fame and glory with Me, no other.

Join Me, not packs of human beings who know not whom or what they follow, but they follow anyway because they imagine that someone ahead knows where he is going.
Follow Me.

Be the single one if you have to.

And then others will follow you. But you will tell them Whom you follow. You will not set yourself up as an idol. You will reveal yourself as a follower.

Who was so great a follower as Christ?

Who followed Me better? or as well?

Christ did not follow the mind of man.

He followed the heart of God.

He did not hark to the blather of men.

He harkened to Me.

And that is all I ask of you.

Harken to your wealth.

Harken to your joy.

Harken to truth.

Be led by truth, not others’ fancies.

No one comes between you and Me.

I do not reveal Myself to one and not another.

I reveal Myself to you.

You and I are paramount.

You and I ride a white steed together.

Ride your own horse. Don’t be carried in a wagon.

Ride up front with Me.

Can you imagine anything more wonderful than that?

And that is what you have.

Whether We sail on a ship or ride a horse, it is the same.

We are anointed together.

We are joined together in joy and love, not hardship.

We are united.

We are faster than time. We are faster than space.

We are as fast as light. We are faster.

For We are love, and love is the fastest there is.

It is immediate.

It is no time at all.

It takes no space.

Love is the medium you roll in. You are the medium of love. You are the agent of love.

Be not a secret agent.

Cast love on all you see and meet.

Cast My love, not your own.

Your love is fantasy.

Mine is real.

My love is the only love there is, so it is Mine you give. You have a remarkable full source of love available to you. It doesn’t run out. It is yours to give.

Your own love, that which you think is your own, is only partial. Take My love and share it, for you are a magic wand that sprinkles My stardust on all who come across you. The wand you wave points to Me.

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