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Morning Blessing 05 06 11

The joyous place you may be standing is temporary,
and the abhorrent place that you may be standing is temporary.
Your now reality is only a temporary, momentary culmination
of what you’ve been thinking about.


Dear Beloved One,

If you want more than you believe you can achieve, you’re out of balance. And if where you are standing is less than what you want, you’re out of balance. And so, you, individually, have to find your balance. We are just here to tell you, as we have watched all of you, endlessly, generation after generation, that the achievement of these properties, or of these houses, or of these events, does not hold the answer that you’re really looking for. It is an elusive dream. They are there in order to inspire the focus. And it is the focus of clarity that feels good in life experience.

That’s why, as you look at the joy factor of those on the planet, it is as likely to find a joyful child, who has very limited ideas of desire, who is, in this moment, not in contradiction to the desires he does hold, it is more likely to find him in outrageous joy than it is to find someone who has lived enough life experience to have achieved a very great desire, and has not found a way to be in alignment with it, in joy.

Life is about joy, which is about alignment,
which is about your choice of thoughts.

We want to find different ways of helping you understand that life is about the joy factor. And the joy factor is about the alignment factor. And the alignment factor is about the choice of thoughts factor.

If there is anything that we want you to take away from this, it is the sentiment that you never get it done. We want you to start easing up on yourself, and realizing that you’re not ever going to get it done. There’s always going to be something else that you desire that is summoning life through you. Accept that and use that knowledge as your reason for slowing up a little bit and smelling the roses a little more, and savoring a little more, and complimenting a little more, and appreciating yourself and others a little more. In other words, just be more of a basker than you are anything else.

Sometimes going slower is the best choice in the moment; sometimes going faster is the best choice. In other words, there’s no perfection in going fast; and there’s no wrongdoing in going slow.

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshops
G-10/26/02, G-11/2/02B, G-11/12/02


As I unfold into my own essence, I know I did not get here by myself. Within me, there is a Power that guides and directs. It is this unique pulsation that propels me along my rightful path and gently aligns my being to the cadence of the heartbeat of the Cosmic I AM. Because I am in rhythm with the one omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Inbreath of God I am awakened to the joyous nature of life.

I direct my thoughts into the impulse of Divine Delight. This transformative agent of mental power creates a mighty catalyst to lift me into the Realm of Cause where I anchor an unprecedented amount of unselfish love. I successfully magnetize patterns of Divine joy and grace into my daily life experience through my words, works, actions, and feelings. I am healed of the perception that the world of form rules my life; at times it may appear that I am caught in a place of discomfort but the truth is I am the great and glorious manifestor projecting and directing the images on the screen of life. And I do so as an instrument of Divine Inspiration open to having God’s joyous blessings pour through me.

I am grateful to have the floodgates of Heaven open in vigorous support of every effort I make to improve my life, the life of Humanity, and the world. With joy, I let it be done now. And so it is



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