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Morning Blessing 05 05 11

Meet the artist: Dasha Alexandrov

In a reality where there is a distinction between form and matter, energy  is the living and interior pulse through which essence communicates Itself as substance.

God has a pulse all Her own, the effective and redemptive presence of the Transcendent in the domain of the immanent, and we may participate fully in the Divine Substance and come to share in God’s power through an assimilation of His holy  energies.

The nexus of this exchange is man’s heart, an exchange that begins when our own center moves toward coincidence with the center of God.

-Theophanis the Monk


My Source is Spirit. Spirit’s energy is everywhere present, in its entirety, in its fullness. It is right where I am: complete fulfillment, total abundance, unlimited joy and unconditional love. I realize this right now: there is nowhere to get to, nothing to wait for…for I have already arrived.

The radiant energy of Spirit has given all that it has and all that it is to its creation. The very best of its heart warmth is available to me right here and now. I receive this good by nature for I am the softness of a Divine influx yielding to the power matter. I’m ready to let Divine Energy fulfill my life with its intellect. I’m ready to be filled full of wisdom and understanding. Purged I am the dwelling place of pure consciousness; the warmth of Spirit’s eternal action. A god-like fountain flowing with unheard-of life!

I give thanks that this universe is not void of graces, and that its magic works even within the very tissues of the human body. I celebrate the recollection, “For behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke). I have within me the content of a Divine Nature. I perceive this heavenly mystery and it changes all my experiences. I allow this illumination to unfold consciously,

intentionally, and powerfully for me today. I am steeped in God! And so it is.



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