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Be Your Purpose

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

The true purpose of your life journey is being revealed to you as you proceed into your ascension for this is when you can discern between the different roles that ego and spirit play in your reality. This is a profound truth that humanity has tried to understand without success because when approached from the ego, your purpose is seen as being to conquer the world. From spirit, your purpose is to heal, grow, transcend your humanity and bring light to the world. You are to be your purpose in all things and you will achieve success when you approach your task from Spirit.

The ego connects to the energies of fear and is afraid of being dominated, so it finds its power and conquers its fear through domination and control. Its belief that the world is wrong and is to be conquered and destroyed is the reason for the power that darkness appears to have in the third dimension. But the ego is not aware that the world is an illusion, created from the thoughts and beliefs of humanity. In trying to destroy the world, it is attempting to destroy an illusion that is perpetuated through its fear. This is a struggle that will not end until the connection with Spirit is made.

Spirit provides another alternative. Spirit knows that the world is an illusion whose purpose is to provide the ego with the lessons required for its transformation. There is no reality or truth in the illusion, which constantly shifts according to the energies that humanity resonates with. Thus it is an ever changing paradigm, whose purpose is to show the balance of light and darkness that is being created. Your purpose is to bring the light and when you focus solely on this, you allow Spirit to magnify even the smallest amounts of light and create pathways to ascension for all of humanity.

The promise of ascension has always been your salvation, a reminder of the reconnection that is the promise that was made to you with your first incarnation. It is through the pathway of ascension and its lessons that you are reunited with your divinity and allow the blending of Spirit and ego, the balancing of light and dark and the creation of heaven on earth. The darkness is an illusion that is illuminated by light and through your constant light presence you complete humanity’s cycle and return the family of humanity to the light it came from. Be your purpose, which is to be the light for yourselves and the world. No matter how dark the world appears to be, the illusion of the dark will always be dispelled by the light of divine truth.

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