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Choose Joy

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

When your reality is marked by pain and suffering joy seems to be the reward that is out of your reach. And many of you believe that if you suffer enough you will eventually atone for your separation and find joy in life. But joy lies all around you and it is a choice that you can make at any point, to choose joy over suffering and pain, to find joy in the learning and healing you are creating for yourself and for humanity. When you choose joy you are overcoming your fear and raising your vibrations to the level of unconditional love. Joy is the frequency of heaven and of the angels and in joy you find release and peace.

Fear is part of the human condition, the cornerstone of your separation. You fear God and the punishment that you believe you deserve for your imperfection, weakness and failures. You believe that you are punished by Source for your wrongs and yet you forget that in the eyes of your Creator you can do no wrong, it is your belief in separation and your own imperfection that creates your suffering. Joy is always an option you can choose. Can you choose joy when you feel you have created chaos in your life? Your knowing is confirmation that you know the truth and that is a step towards your healing.

By choosing joy you release fear and that enables your connection to the angels, your guides and to Source. You are within your mastery vibration when you choose joy, no matter what your external reality appears to be. Remember that it is a reflection of your internal being, an illusion created by your thoughts and vibrations. Joy is Spirit’s gift to you when you acknowledge your true nature, which is to be a powerful, spiritual master. When you choose joy, you create its vibration in your reality. You seek happiness but that is joy on a material level. Choose joy and you will have much to be happy about.

Joy is a higher vibration of happiness, so to choose it you must use your inner knowing and truth. The truth of your material reality is an illusion of your fear. Choose joy to create a new reality that reflects the vibration of the spirit within you. Remember that you are of spirit and are returning to spirit, that is your path no matter what you choose to do on the earth and within your experience. Joy brings peace to your world, to each of you and to all of humanity. Be in joy and know that you are loved and protected, guided and cared for beyond your knowing. Be in joy for that is the lesson of humanity, to bring the vibration of joy to the earth to release fear and connect to heaven and your mastery.

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