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And the Sun Came Out

Heavenletter #3350

God said:

The theme of opposites runs through your life. You have happiness and unhappiness. You have confidence, and you have fear. You have gain, and you have loss.

What is this power you give to whatever opposite there is that disturbs you. Ten wonderful things happen in a morning, and then there is one inharmonious incident, and your morning is ruined. The incident may plague you all morning or all day, maybe even for a week. I wonder why you would allow one incident to take precedence over all the loveliness? It is simple mathematics, beloveds.

Back to My question, why does the negative take such a big chunk out of your life? Certainly ten to one is good odds, so why do you let one incident disrupt your happiness?

If you had ten dollars in your pocket, and you lost one dollar, you would still have nine dollars, and you would be glad for that. You wouldn’t spend all day moaning about that one dollar. Or you might if that were your last ten dollars. Even so, what good would that do you who so wants good in your life?

So I come back to My question, why does one inharmonious incident in life seemingly weigh so heavily on you? Well, never mind, why. Rather, let Me ask you what can you do so that an unhappy incident doesn’t run off with your happiness?

You already know the answer. I have said it at least ten times. Never mind the one unpleasant incident. Focus on the nine respectable ones. Is it habit that you don’t already? Habits can be changed. Habits of thinking can be changed. Your life can be changed.

So, beloveds, get on the wagon of focusing on the good stuff, and get off the wagon of focusing on that which is not happy for you. Write off the distaff. Shrug your shoulders. Let go of thinking how faulty someone else was or you were or about what you could have done better if only you had thought. Beloveds, desist from thinking so much.

And if you must think, think of all the lovely things that lifted your heart in the past hour. You got up. You walked downstairs. You ate today. You received a fine email or two. You went outside. You caught a bus or a train or drove your car. There were no accidents on the way. You got to work on time. Someone smiled at you. You got some work done. Lunchtime came, and you ate again. More people smiled at you. And the sun came out.

Be good to your heart. Give it its true calling which is to be delighted for all the blessings you receive, big and small. And don’t take to heart whatever you don’t see as a blessing.

Do you choose moseying along, or do you choose a traffic jam in your heart? Attention on what is negative to you is not the best use of your time nor is it the best use of your heart nor is it the best use of your life, your life, beloveds, this life I give to you to do as you will and as I will.

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