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Getting Past the Past

by Stefanie Miller – A Magical World

The energy of change is upon us. So much has occurred in recent times yet in many ways things look very much the same. It’s as if we are looking through the corner of our eyes where we can see what is to come as snapshots or glimpses into the future and from the past. Yet we are rooted here in this present moment of the NOW energy. We can no longer change the past nor predict the future. We can only be authentic in the moments we have.

We are but a page in the novel of the life we are creating. A book we have penned up until this point. We flip the page and here we are… a blank page in the present moment. We have infinite possibilities filled with all of our dreams and desires. We cannot write fast enough to get to the part we want! Yet life is not just the chapters we prefer to read but the entire saga. Our life encompasses all the ups and downs. The pain and the joys of all our experiences are what make life bittersweet, poignant, and meaningful.

The earth is going through a multitude of changes that we can barely fathom. The earthquakes, tsunamis, and wild weather conditions make us realize how little control we have over our world. As much as we would like to know what’s going to happen next we just don’t know. We cannot write what hasn’t been written in the stars quite yet. We are seeing how delicate the balance of life really is. How in just one second things can forevermore be altered. The change we yearn for has to come from within.  We don’t know when our last day will be but we do know we have this moment. Enjoying and appreciating who and what we have in our lives is essential.

The tides of our emotions are churned up a notch or two. I have been experiencing the strongest of emotions. Tears spring to my eyes easily. The compassion we are feeling for the lost lives and the heartache of those in need throughout our world is profound. There can no longer be a division between continents and countries, neither, race nor religion. We are but ONE family on this planet that are here to love and support one another.  What happens to one affects us all. We are seeing this on a global level, but in essence on a smaller scale, we need to be openhearted and available to our loved ones who are going through difficult times at present. We also need to be open to receive and allow others to nurture us as well. We need to take good care of each other and ourselves as the energy is so intense and draining that we can easily fall out of balance if we are not mindful.

For the highly sensitive ones we can really feel the building energies before each major (and sometimes even minor) disaster on an energetic level. The ultra sensitives have a tendency to be overcome with fatigue, a strong sense of anxiety (for no particular reason), a spinning sensation, as if we cannot plant our feet firmly on the ground and a disassociation with 3-D reality. We’ll also feel the need to go inward and spend a lot of time alone. This is a strong indicator of impending change or calamity. We internalize and absorb the occurrences and process it for the masses.

I have also felt the strongest waves of love wash over me. Love is what will get us through our personal and global catastrophes. We are not alone on this planet. We may sometimes think we are but ultimately we are bonded together. It is a time of reconnecting with the people we may have lost touch with during our times of change and open our hearts to allow new people in. It is time to reconnect with the lost parts and fragments of our soul that detached during traumatic events in our lives. It is a time to nurture a creative outlet or a mode of self-expression. It is a time of forgiveness and resurrection. For nothing is ever lost in the name of love. We need only express what is deep within our hearts to feel our connection with Source.

Everything happens for a reason. We may not understand everything that is occurring at this time. Only faith and trust will see us through these difficult times. Reaching out to others is a way to open the portals of love. I see so many that have opened their hearts to their vulnerable side and have become much more authentic in their expression of who they really are. We are being split open through our trials and tribulations to reveal a much more raw and exposed part of ourselves. Through this opening love may enter and reside.

As so many things have yet to be resolved personally for me I have ultimately found the deepest peace within. I released my fear of what may or may not happen to me. My deepest fears have yet to happen and I just know that when the timing is right things will work out. In the meantime I focus on what I can do in the present moment. My darkest sorrows from my past live in the peripheral of my mind. I release the past for I will not allow it to cloud the good and joyful things of the present.

So much of our shadow side is based on what is out of our periphery. We worry about what can happen now, based on what happened in previous experiences. We expend precious energy with feelings of uncertainty of what is to come. We want a guarantee that if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable that the payoff will be worthwhile. Ha! As if there are any guarantees in life! For those of us who have dealt with our issues our past is no longer in our energy field, therefore it cannot weigh on the present circumstances, unless we allow it to!

Getting past the past is a labor of love. It is stepping out of the bounds of what was, to leave room for what is, and what is to come. It is a time to shed our old beliefs and patterns. Globally as well as internally we must do things differently or we will continue to wreak havoc and cause unwanted pain and suffering on our selves and each other. We have the power to change just by making up our minds to do things in a love inspired way that is inclusive of the needs and well being of others.  We have lost so much along the way and yet we have gained so much as well. We turn the page and begin anew….


Dear God,

We are in a time of deep and profound change. Our core beliefs and values are being shaken. We are being guided to see and do things in a new way. Our world is going through a massive transformation. Assist us in being flexible like the branches on a tree, so that we may sway with the winds. We have sown roots deep within the earth in our love and appreciation of You. Guide us so that we may only be uprooted and tossed around as it serves the highest vision of creating peace and opening our hearts to a greater capacity of love. Assist us in standing firm in our unwavering faith. Show us how to break old patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us, so our experiences may love inspiring and benefit all.

I give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon us. I trust that all is as it is meant to be for the highest good of all concerned. I send rays of peace for the highest resolution for those who are in need.

May love, peace, and happiness be our guiding force.

And so it is.


Copyright © Notes to Myself by Stefanie Miller of A Magical World – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis.


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