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Sterling Peace in Your Heart

Heavenletter #3350

God said:

My beloved wonder of the world, your heart speaks to Mine. Your heart speaks of beauty and love. Your heart serves beauty and love alone. Love and beauty are what your heart is meant for. It is not that your heart needs more pumping. It needs a clearing, a clearing-out of debris, and then your heart will be clear, and you will have full use of your heart unobstructed.

Those lesser items seemingly in your heart are invaders who are merely crossing the land of your heart. They are not going to stay there. Give them their exit visas today. Pass these visas out to all the lesser emotions who are merely passing through.

Goodbye, anger. Toodle-loo, spite, fear, envy, sloth and whatever else you may have allowed to enter the estate of your heart. What belongs in your heart belongs. What doesn’t belong doesn’t belong.

The weak-kneed items ravaging your heart are wayfarers, that’s all. They cannot stay there. They cannot stay there because they have no place there. Wish them well, and send them on their way. Push them over the cliff of your heart and let them fall away. They won’t get hurt. They are just residue anyway. Mop your heart, and items like anguish will be mopped up.

Oh, My beloveds, if you would only put as much attention on clearing out your heart as you do on other things, how happy your heart would be.

How did those unwanted items get into your heart anyway? They sneaked in a little at a time. And now your heart sometimes feels overrun with them, or always feels overrun with them. They are like spiders who crawl in any way they can. Good person that you are, not knowing what else to do, you let them stay. You even let them invite in their buddies and so infiltrate your heart that was made only for beauty and love.

So, now the intruders’ party is over. They are on their way out now. They are not wanted, and they can’t stay. You don’t want them, do you? Put them outside. Give them a good send-off, if you like, but the point is that they are leaving. What is not wanted is not wanted and will leave. Make no bones about it. You have to tell them to leave.

Picture picking up all those angry little spiders, the crawling worms of despair, trembling fear and anxiety, crotchety resentment, slivers of envy and jealousy. Pick them up one by one and place them in a little box, and toss the box into the trash. “Out, trash. Out, invaders of my heart. Out, out, out. Begone.”

And now, instead of turbulence, there is sterling peace in your heart. Now your heart is fully aware of the beauty it is surrounded with and the love it is filled with. There is a peaceful stream now. Silver light sparkles on the stream as it flows and flows and flows, crossing streets, mountains, oceans, galaxies. Unending is the flow of your heart now that that smallness in all its forms has left its premises. How wide and tall your heart is now. How soft. How flexible. How easily it flows. Feel the flow of your heart as it makes it way into every other heart. Your heart is brilliant now. How it shines. How you enjoy your heart now. How hospitable your heart is. All can come in, all except those pesky intruders. They know better than to cross the threshold of your heart now. Only love and beauty can come in and stay and venture forth to seek their fortune with you.

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