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Your Every Heartbeat Creates Miracles and Treasures

a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

In a world of Love there are a million treasures that are bursting forth, brand new creations, coming alive through the gift of your hearts, being made manifest through the grace of your Love. You are the heart of Creation, and every pulse beat of the heart of God finds itself alive in you.

When you, dear ones, allow your heart to open, you are the conduit for something amazing and new, continually. The gifts burst forth all around you like shouts of exuberance made manifest, like prayers given form and color, bouquets of Love on the canvas of the world. Because you are beyond dimensional, that which comes forth through your hearts in this shower of Love goes forth in giving. At the very same moment it is reflected back purely as gifts coming to you.

And so your lives are filled with treasures that until now you couldn’t imagine. Yet every moment now moves you into whole new worlds of possibilities of joy and, of course, of ecstasy, circling back to enfold you.

When you recognize that you are a circle of Love and that all that you give now comes instantly back to you as the illusion of time loses its potency, your lives now, beloved ones, are nothing but treasures given and received. What pulses forth from your hearts is ever a benediction to wash through the world in waves of sparkling grace that at the very same instant, comes spiraling back to you to fill you with Love and new possibilities. This occurs as you understand that the circle is complete, that the giving and receiving happen instantly together, and every heartbeat is the one pulse of Love of which you are the vehicle.

Will you walk your days in reverence and joy, watching with wonder these gifts of Love? Will you hold out the bounty of perfection, that each heart that appears before you will totally be fulfilled? Whatever it is that your mind sees when it looks at another person, is always superseded by the visions of your heart of Love.

Come, beloved ones, and live the miracle, the circle of Love that is completed in you. New creations are arriving now through your heart and are given recognition by your consciousness, returning to bless your hand, your life, your mind, bringing awareness of every symbol of God I Am fulfilling itself as this beautiful world.

Dancing rivers of sparkling particles of Light infuse your every breath with wonder as you recognize your every moment as a treasure hunt. What gift of Love shall be made manifest in My heart now? As you watch and wait to see what Love will bring you, what bursts forth through the conduit of your being, your every day will be magical, and suddenly you will find that you are freedom appearing here as you.

With every moment breathlessly anticipated, every heartbeat aligned as the heart of God, every stream of Love gathering its impetus, you will find that you wear the holy name of the heart of God. You are My treasure. I Am in you. I Am this Love bursting forth in you. I Am the swirls of miracles and magic, so filled with gifts you must really pay attention to receive them all…and of course, to pass them on.

Beloved ones, it is the gift of your acknowledgment of this glorious Love that fills your heart and mind until the mind becomes the heart and lives in wonder, waiting for the glory that is next and receiving it in gratitude.

Your every heartbeat is the heartbeat of Creation. Please acknowledge what it is and let your life become the holy canvas upon which we paint a world of Love and peace and indescribable beauty. I Am with you. I Am in you and I sustain you. I Am your every breath and I Am the Love you feel that lifts you like a wave within the ocean. You become truly the tsunami of the Love of God, washing the world in recognizable change and excitement.

Breathe every breath with Me and feel your heartbeat surrendering to the heartbeat of The One. Let Me be the core of your identity that you might be the outreach of My Love. You are a gift of wonder and you create the world, heartbeat by heartbeat and breath by breath. You sustain it with your acknowledgment of what Creation is and your joy, beloved ones, in the miracle of creative life.

Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2006 Circle of Light,


2 responses

  1. Yes if one lives from the Heart that is All we are asked to do.. unfortunately many have forgotten how to.. Using their heads instead..Once you love and feel with your heart in ALL things then we see how lost we have become in many things…
    Compassion however is now coming to the fore-front again and many are experiencing that emotion of true feelings as they open their hearts to the world around them once again..

    Love and Blessings to you and yours..

    April 25, 2011 at 5:29 am

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