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Morning Blessing 04 22 11

There is no way to limit immortality because by its very definition
it means that you continue forever and ever and ever.
Today is Good Friday. I’m certain the day holds meaning and significance to all of us in many different ways. I have chosen not to write a blessing today and instead would like to share a poem of Infinite Intelligence with you. It is a little long but I believe it captures the essence of this day quite well. The material comes from a book by Flo Aeveia Magdalena. Flo remembers being Mary Magdalena and has recounted that lifetime in story. On the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ she wrote this as she witnessed her beloved friend hang to his death on a cross  . . . .
With reverence,

“Christ was caught and held in the ray of creation and , as we breathed, he fused again with light, and his body was not the place where his consciousness lay. He ceased to feel pain or strife or struggle, resting in the arms of his Father and Mother.
And the Earth
O     P     E     N     E      D
and began to pour
Her energy upon humankind
showering them with the
R A I N      OF      T R A N S F R O M A T I O N.
The    trees    burst    forth    with    a    loud
t h u n d e r i n g   of   f o r c e
and all was
split                                                          asunder
and    the    new    energy    of
c r e a t i o n
flowed    forward    into
t h e    l i g h t    o f     b e i n g.
And the wind
and the rain
and the lightning
and the thunder
were the voices of the Earth
which were raised 
for the unlistening —
and they heard.
The hatred and vengeance of mankind
were reflected
back to them,
and they were sore afraid.
All was a mirror
for the strife
that was created
moment by moment
in this life.
There was no escape.
The mirror was clearly
and more clearly
a reflection
of the disorder
and chaos
of the people.
They realized the unleashing of the storm
as a sign of their need
to choose more wisely,
to create more completely,
and allow more fully.
The old was dying,
and they were part of the new
because they had survived.
A part of them was
relieved that the old
was dead
and that they were free
to be a part of the new order.
The storm was a symbol of sacrifice,
and integration.
And they were pleased.
The order of the world was reformed,
and there was a new place
to behold the light
and abide in the truth.
The storm was a signal of a release
from old beliefs and structures,
a signal of the ability
to design the plan anew
without boundary or limitation,
totally from the flow
of the juices of knowing
from within.
Although there was no clear pattern,
the people were aware of the readiness of their spirit
to undertake this new creation.
And they were well contented.
Christ had told them of the seed of light within them,
that aspect of the soul which had now been awakened.
It gave them the vision for the creation of their destiny
here in the world.
They had listened with their hearts,
and their souls were awakened
to the light within.
They were merged with the light
as they listened,
which brought them into peace.
He had spoken of the need for unity
and affirmed their journeys as a symbol
of a search for something
already within them.
He had given them the words,
about love,
telling them of God’s kingdom,
and giving them the keys to  this kingdom
as surely as if he had
d                                       d
r                                   e
o                        p
into    their     awareness.”
** Excerpted from I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena by Flo Aeveia Magdalena, All Worlds Publishing. 



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