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Transplant Shock

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

It’s spring where I live and I have been planting new flowers in my garden. The day after they are planted they go into ‘transplant shock’, and look like they’re dying for a few days until they become accustomed to their new home. So I give them extra water and attention until they are established. This can happen to us too, as we are moving into new levels of vibration, we are in a new environment that is uncomfortable and unfamiliar and it takes a while for us to establish ourselves in the new energy, we go into ‘transplant shock’ until we become accustomed to the energy and learn how to work with it.

With all or the work that we have been doing to heal, release and move into new vibrations, it would seem that when we arrived everything would be wonderful.. But it can be far less than that. In fact, it can be extremely difficult to adjust to the new energy, especially if we expected it to be fun and easy because it can seem almost worse than what we left behind.. But we are just in transplant mode and have to become accustomed to our new energetic ‘home’..

The higher energies require us to learn how to be in the space of allowing, a new and different energy that we are not accustomed to.. In this space, we create from a combination of intention and right action.. We set our intention for what we want and then act in guided and efficient ways to create our objectives.. When we do our usual pushing to achieve our objectives we create resistance.. The resistance blocks our movement and we are confused because we expect things to be easy and they are suddenly hard.. This is part of the ‘transplant shock’, as we become accustomed to the way things work and adjust to new and different ways of being..

Along with this we also have to be in the space of ‘no attachment’, where everything is possible and we allow events and situations to unfold in the best way, so everything becomes dynamic.. Every situation creates additional possibilities and the end result may be far different that what we expected or could have created but also much more in tune with our vibration.. Can we accept this as our new way of being? Can we allow our lives to flow in the best way possible and be open to living in possibility instead of expectation? It’s a big change for us, one that we will have to adjust to but the results will be far greater and more wonderful than we can imagine..

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