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The Source and Use of Power

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

You feel powerful when your life is manifesting in ways that bring you joy and fulfillment and powerless when it does not. Yet whatever manifests in your life is an expression of the use of your power, not an example of the power you have access to. The understanding of the source and use of your power is a source of confusion and misunderstanding, one that limits the full expression of your divine presence on earth and your true expression of power.

The source of your power is infinite, limitless and abundant in every way. It is available in a continuous flow to you from Source, a steady stream of energetic potential that responds to your every desire. This power is the same in everyone, it is complete in its perfection and does not discriminate. You can think of it as a flow of light that constantly fills your being to remind you of its constant presence and availability.

The use of your power is directed by the ego, which is grounded in the limits of the third dimension and cannot understand limitlessness or abundance. The ego uses the power it believes is available within the limits of its consciousness. To fully utilize your power, and create a powerful, abundant and joyful reality, requires the education of the ego in the source of your power. It must be constantly reminded of the continuous energetic flow that you are filled with and this, together with your intention, allows manifestation of your highest potential.

Your source of power is in your heart chakra or the high heart. The use of power is found in the third chakra. As you hold power there you feel it as weight gain and stomach distress. Your ascension allows you to have the consciousness and intention to move this energy so you are can use your power from its source and expand the ego’s awareness of your true power. The old earth was created through the ego and the use of power through the third chakra. The new world will be created through the heart and the source of power. Be aware of your power, focus on the heart and allow the light to fill your being and know your source of power.

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