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Morning Blessing 04 15 11


Dear Beloved One, 

Transitioners. I’m sure that somewhere in the universe we are referred to as “the transitioners.” Everything on this beautiful blue green pearl transitions from one thing to another. It is as if that was the macrocosmic plan formed over the millennia. Think about it, aren’t you always transitioning to your next step? I’m sure that I arrange my consciousness so that I will continue to grow and experience new realities, new life, new joys, deeper sorrows……
Today we are going to focus on synthesis. When you collect all your memories and experiences and synthesize them within your energy field you become a new being, one who has never existed before. Every human soul remembers how to do synthesis, how to incorporate the desparate parts of Self into one integrated human embodying divinity. But we never thought the experiences of this process would scare off so many of us from synthesizing. After all, when you synthesize, you will no longer be all of the selves you remember yourself to be. You will be other.
Do you, do I, want to be other?  I know I do this life well. Never mind that I repeatedly look for a life other than the one I have created for myself; never mind any of that because — to change is hard. It may knock me off balance! Never mind that I complain from time to time that this is who I am. And never mind that every other sentient being on, and in the planet feels that  humans think too much. The truth is we do THINK too much … we do.  I do.
It seems to me that as spiritual people we need to find those “markers” in our physical reality that remind us that to function well in this domain we must follow the natural steps from flow to alignment. With that in mind, take time today to marvel at the wonder of nature. Look at what is happening naturally, beautifully, gracefully, powerfully. New growth is emerging and it has been done through the process of synthesis. Listen as your own growth calls you; “I am more than this, I am more than this.” It is Spirit incorporating the strengths of the old self with none of the weakness! And the protocol is synthesis– allow it.
Remember what it means to be a Transitioner. The intention of assimilating during transitions is to collect the learning that has occurred so it can be used in other places, other ways. No learning is ever wasted for a Transitioner.
Seeing each of us grow in harmony,


The renewing, rejuvenating spirit of this One Life fills my
world today with its noble beauty. Alive within this potent,
powerful cycle I connect with Nature and her “newness of
life,” for just as the plant kingdom springs forth with its first
shoots of new growth, I know that I too am ready to open
and reveal the gifts of a winter’s introspection.
I consciously join in this rhythm of life that births buds
into early flowers by declaring the same knowing in this
Universe that opens flowers in their time is the wisdom
of my primal Source for I am one with all. As I grow
in my upward movement toward the perfect flower I
surrender to the Divine Will that designs all life paths.
It is this power that allows me to grow. I AM life in
As the Law manifests itself through Love, I stand showered
in this providence of Good. Thank you God, and so it is. Amen.



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